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Monthly cumulative elevation

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This week we’ve added cumulative monthly elevation gain for Smashrun Pro users. It comes with a handy animation that can help you spot which months had lots of elevation gain relative to total distance run. Also, the tooltips on many of the overview charts now include a line for total elevation. Of course, time spent […]

Export from TomTom

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If you’re running with a TomTom Sportwatch then you’ve probably been syncing first to Nike+ and then to Smashrun. This setup is, obviously, less than ideal. To get the best data quality, you want to get it as close to the source as possible. As the data passes through Nike+, it’s frequently compromised or corrupted […]

Splits on the by run page

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We’ve just added splits to the by run page. Check it out there’s pretty spiffy animation. You can also easily highlight and scrub across to see multi-mile/km splits. And pro users can see their elevation splits as well and open up any split in the Pro Map for further analysis.

Tag Cooper tests for VO2

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A Cooper test is a benchmark run that you can use to estimate your VO2 max. It’s pretty simple. You go to a track. Then, well, you just start running like a crazy person until the 12 minutes are up. That’s pretty much it. The problem is that unless you’re a professional athlete running 12 […]


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Update (May 11 – 2:13PM EST): We got the approval from Facebook. It appears to have already worked for several users. Please let us know if you’re still having trouble! So, we’ve managed to track down what’s been going on with the Facebook integration. Facebook requires an internal review of any apps that request special […]

Interactive pace chart

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We’re continuing to work our way through all the charts on Smashrun, making them interactive one by one. This weekend, we’re updating the pace chart on the bottom of the By Run page. It’s been a staple since Smashrun began, but it’s always been, let’s face it, kind of underwhelming. It’s a bar graph with […]

iSmoothRun integration

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iSmoothRun is one of our favorite running apps for the iPhone. It’s also one of those rare fitness companies that we feel has its priorities right. They’re not trying to take over the world – to monetize your running tracks, slurp up your health data, or become the Facebook of fitness. It’s just a great […]

Small patch

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We did a release this weekend to fix a couple of issues. Runkeeper GPX files should import correctly now You should once again be able to resize your mobile browser viewport The terrible infinite reload bug that some poor souls were plagued by should be resolved In addition we’ve now run virtually every last string […]

New notables

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We added a few new notables with the release this morning. These are mostly just to support badges we have planned for the future, but are kind of interesting in and of themselves. New notables for all users Before sunrise – started and finish your run before the sun comes up During sunrise – started […]


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We just did a release tonight with a couple dozen bug fixes and a few UI improvements. For example, you can now navigate back and forth between the Run Overview and By Run page by using the calendar. When you click a month or a year from the By Run page, it’ll take you back […]