Revising your Run Report

Do you ever get your Weekly Run Report on Monday, and then immediately get a sinking feeling because you forgot to upload your long run on Sunday, but now it’s too late?

Starting this Monday, there’s a solution for that. If you add old runs after the run report goes out we’ll automatically send you a revised version with the new updates included. This process will run once per hour in the 24 hours after the run report goes out. As long as you remember to sync your runs sometime in that period you’ll soon find a revised report in your inbox.



Nice. But who doesn’t immediately look at their run data directly after the run? Like why even run if not to look at the data!

Any chance for a Monthly Report email?


My thinking exactly! Well, unless it’s a crummy run, and then I’m in no hurry…

We’ve had monthly report on our long list for years, but I think only a few people ever asked for it. Have also considered a weekly friend report, with everyone’s weekly stats and best runs, but also not a lot of people asking for that.


I like the idea of the weekly friends report. It will add a level of competition that might help motivate us even more.

Chris Crawford

I still like to look at every run right after I run. It’s part of cool down I guess.

+1 for monthly report!

Stephen Hudnott

Agreed – monthly run report would be great. And an annual one too if that’s not too greedy πŸ˜‰πŸ˜


Many times I just don’t have time to upload my runs when I travel. I throw it in the suitcase for when I get home. Thanks!


I’d rather have it update twice a day for like the next 3 days than hourly. I mean maybe I get the email, realize I forgot to synch, but I can’t synch til tomorrow. *shrug*

Anna-Karin, Stockholm

Awesome! I’m not a true runner you know, sometimes I run 9,98 km and still feel ok!!!

But as someone else stated, I’d love monthly and annual reports. Kicking my butt every month to do more to reach annual goal, and the the annual report to celebrate and frame as a diploma πŸ˜‰


Love this! Sometimes my watch doesn’t sync on Sunday and I don’t realize it until my report comes and is lacking my run! Thank you!


Is there any way to access your old weekly running reports? It’d be nice to have an easy way to see my weekly mileages.


Is there any way to get your weekly reports to start on a Sunday (i.e. Sun to Sat)? Thank you.


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