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Magic PRs and new filters

We just added a couple of new features to make PR Progress and Pace Trends even more powerful. Discovering your “Magic” PRs What makes a PR magic? A magic number is a number that’s significant because… well, just because it is. When we’re talking about PR’s the magic numbers are nice and round. They’re the… Read more »

Learn from your best runs

Last month we released PR Progress, a new Smashrun Pro feature which allows you to visualize all the PR’s you’ve set over time. Knowing this information shows you the end result of all your training from different training cycles. So it also makes sense to see what kind of training made each of those PR’s… Read more »

Introducing PR Progress

Hurrah! Today we released a new Smashrun PRO feature called “PR Progress”, which you’ll find within the Analyze section. First off, a PR (or sometimes called a PB) is a personal record/personal best. You set a new PR every time you run faster for a given distance. Regardless of how fast a runner you are,… Read more »

New Tutorials

With so many new faces around here, thanks to our December buy pro/give pro promotion, we thought it’d be helpful to create a couple of quick tutorials to get everyone acquainted with their new pro accounts. Training Bands – learn how to highlight different training bands in different periods and understand what they mean contextually…. Read more »

Progress Towards Goal

Setting a goal has always been the first step towards better training, but tracking your progress towards it provides the guidepost that will lead you through your toughest training days. The challenge with goal setting is that even the most conservative training plan can fall through, but knowing how far you have to run to… Read more »

Laps and Improved Segment Selection

We’ve made a couple of recent changes to Smashrun’s Pro Map! You can now view laps within the Pro Map if you upload a run from a TCX file* Switching between map filters no longer resets pace buckets/ HR zones etc Mouse over filter will only show the overlay for the selected segment Selecting segments,… Read more »

Training Bands and Training Volume

To improve, we learn to push our limits until we pass certain thresholds, just enough to stimulate adaption, but not so much that we cause injury. Consequently, we rely on various forms of measurements to properly manage training load such as training volume, Training Impulse (TRIMPs), Ratings of Perceived Exertion (RPEs), Training Stress Score (TSS),… Read more »

How to Use SPI

Have you ever wondered how your fastest mile compares to your first half marathon? Or, wondered if your best 5K is better than your second best marathon time? How can you tell? The Smashrun Performance Index (SPI) is a value derived from a performance curve to help you compare runs of similar effort across various… Read more »

3 Tips for Using Smashrun’s Pro Map

Before we designed the Pro Map, we asked ourselves: what sort of information is best conveyed while viewing the route of your run? There’s the obvious metrics including your fastest split, the ability to see elevation changes and, a pace graph that you can interact with. All of these are helpful in the sense that… Read more »