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With so many new faces around here, thanks to our December buy pro/give pro promotion, we thought it’d be helpful to create a couple of quick tutorials to get everyone acquainted with their new pro accounts.

Training Bands – learn how to highlight different training bands in different periods and understand what they mean contextually.

Pro Map (a refresher from the Smashrun Pro page) – a quick summary of the features within the pro map including fastest segments, splits, SPI, change in pace over distance, and map filters.

Progress Towards Goal – how to use Progress Towards Goal to stay on track and help manage your training schedule.

Pace Trends – an overview of how we generate Pace Trends based on SPI and how to use it.

You can access the tutorials on the top right of the Analyze section (shown below).

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Barfot Gimse

Been on Smashrun from april 14 and new into Pro i december. This is good videos. Smashrun Pro are the best analysetool to analyse running. Loveit more than Strava Premium and when email you I get answer very fast. Keep up the good work 🙂


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