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Nike import is down while Nike upgrades

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UPDATE June 6th, 11pm So we’ve finally got access to Nike’s site again. It looks great, a big improvement to be sure, but since Nike doesn’t officially have an API we’re a little broken at the moment. Nothing that we can’t fix, but please bear with us as we adapt our code. Thanks for you […]

What we’ve been working on…

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It’s been quite a while since we posted, so thought I thought it’d make sense to update everyone a bit about, what we’ve been working on lately. Our big focus has been to make the site less Nike-centric, and that’s meant a lot of reworking the data model that everything’s built on. It’s important because […]

Nike upgrades

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Looks like Nike’s down while they make upgrades. Unfortunately that means our Nike integration is down too…

On the subject of PRs

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We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the PR (personal record) section of Smashrun recently, and as they come up I’ve begun to think a lot about the way I’ve implemented it and the pros and cons of the approach. The PR section on Smashrun is pretty straight forward. I take the speed you […]

New features and fixes

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Everyone’s running is different, so each persons running stats can expose unique problems. Over the past couple months we’ve had dozens of bug reports from our users. In this latest release we’ve hopefully fixed most of the major ones. We’ve also added a few nice features and tweaks, they’re small things, but they’re things that […]

Nike+ troubles / new functionality

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Nike+ has been going up and down all day again today. Lots of people trying out the sensors they got in their stockings for Christmas, I’m guessing. Expect some difficulty uploading your Nike runs until they resolve this issue. We’re going to take this opportunity to push out a new release. Smashrun will be down […]

Facebook patches

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We’ve just put in a fix for some of the Facebook issues we’ve been having. There’s a few changes to how Facebook works now that you’ll want to note. Relink your Facebook account. If you log in with Facebook this will be done automatically, but if not you’ll want to go to Settings -> Facebook […]

Facebook troubles

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Facebook has made some changes which are causing some user’s to have trouble logging into Smashrun with their Facebook credentials. We’re working on a fix and should have one in place shortly. In the meantime, you should be able to login with either your Nike password or your Smashrun password. If this doesn’t work shoot […]

Goodbye Brooklyn. Hola Chile.

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Building a website like Smashrun on nights and weekends, is to put it mildly, exceedingly challenging. There’s a huge gap between what we want Smashrun to be, and what I’ve had time to code, and it’s been a daily struggle to come up with ways to bridge that gap. A couple of months ago we […]

Goodbye closed beta

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View out my window

I’m looking out my window at the brownstones of Fort Greene thinking how beautiful the weather is today, and how great it’d be to take a run up to Prospect Park, but before that I’ve got a few really exciting items on my to do list. 1) Write Smashrun’s inaugural blog post –  Introduce yourself, […]