Update (May 11 – 2:13PM EST): We got the approval from Facebook. It appears to have already worked for several users. Please let us know if you’re still having trouble!

So, we’ve managed to track down what’s been going on with the Facebook integration. Facebook requires an internal review of

any apps that request special permissions. We submitted the Open Graph fitness.course action for review and we were approved quite some time ago, but it seems with the new API we need to also submit the “publish post” action for review as well. What that means is filling out a form and wait 5-10 business days and hoping for the best. So that’s…a little disappointing.

In our QA environment we don’t need approval for these actions, nor do we need approval for any admin accounts in Production. So everything always worked just fine for us. But for everyone else the Authorize to Publish function just opens a window and hangs there, because Facebook hasn’t approved us yet. So it was pretty much a worst case testing scenario.

On the upside, in our zeal to get to the bottom of it, we’ve released 3 separate patches in the last 5 days to fix every other esoteric Facebook flow problems we could find.

Apologies for screwing this one up,

Chris, Jacklyn, and Steve


Steve Muir

You certainly didn’t screw it up. The API changes FB make are always unpredictable regarding how it breaks things. If you ever need an extra user to help test stuff, drop me a line anytime.


FB announced the API changes 1 year ago and warned that it would be turned off April 30, 2015.


Smashrun is awesome, facebook (and their API) are unpredictable at best. Keep up the great work!


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