New mobile site + race stuff

We pushed out a few new features yesterday. The big one is that we’ve improved the usability of Smashrun on your phone’s mobile browser. It’s only a step, but a fairly big step. It used to be that Smashrun worked great on mobile for anyone with extremely tiny fingers, 60/20 eyesight and an 8″ or larger phablet. But as of yesterday all that changed. Now you can totally get by with 20/20 eyesight. In this release:

    • Your run syncs automatically the first time you open the browser.
    • The most used features have found their way into a hamburger menu
    • You can click to zoom into the more detailed charts.
    • The friends view might actually be better on the phone than the desktop.
Friends mobileMobile charts zoomedMobile menu

That said, this is definitely a half step. It’s a long way short of a full blown mobile app, and the main dashboards are still configured the same way as they are on the desktop, so less than ideal for the mobile form factor. But progress is progress, and we’re hoping that this will take some of the pain out of using Smashrun on your phone. Meanwhile we’ll continue to work to make things even better. Please be sure to send us any bugs you encounter or issues with particular phones. We’ve done a fair bit of cross platform testing but we’ll definitely need your help to get it to 100%.

We’ve also bundled in a few other small but pretty cool things…

Your races now show up as stars on the calendar navigation.


And for Pro users they show up as circles on your pace trends.

Pace trends races

And while you’re on the pace trends you can now change your reference time to see relative improvement over a variety of set distances.

Pace trends reference time half marathon

In addition we’ve patched over 2 dozen bugs, and undoubtedly introduced a few more, so please give us a heads up if you encounter any.

Keep  your eye out for a direct TomTom integration in the next couple weeks.



Great update, thank you! And I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that direct TomTom integration!


Awesome to see this elsewhere! But auto import did work on Firefox mobile for Android. Now it’s gone. Can you bring it back, please? Thanks!


Hi Glauco! It should still work. Chris is running with a Moto 360 sport and syncs his runs on Android. Can you email us more details about your setup at We’ll take a look!


Hi, Jacklyn. It works on Chrome for Android, no problem there. It’s just auto import on Firefox for Android that doesn’t work anymore. It always showed the full desktop version before, but auto import was fine. I’ll send you an email with what I have, I hope it helps. Thanks!


It maybe because the autoimport runs only on the first visit of the day. After that you’ll need to hit the hamburger menu sync.


Yes, that was how it worked before. This time, though, I did a few tries with up to 2 days without import, but Firefox Mobile never did the auto import.

Rick Schippers

Keeps getting better.

Direct TomTom support would be great. Always running with my TomTom spark 😉

Nina Lili

Thanks a lot. I noticed that yesterday and thought something was wrong with my mobile browser, or my eyes 😀 Looks good!

A kind of update I would prefer to see anytime soon though might be very big: show improvements/changes over the same routes is something that is missing most for me.

Christian Davén

I believe the “mobile site” doesn’t work on Firefox for Android, at least it doesn’t for me. It seems to work on Chrome. I had thought you’d make the site “responsive”, i.e. responding to the lower resolution, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Is this something you’ll look into?


Yes, Christian, that was always the case, we have the full desktop version on Firefox for Android. But the auto import feature was working before.


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