Small patch

We did a release this weekend to fix a couple of issues.

  • Runkeeper GPX files should import correctly now
  • You should once again be able to resize your mobile browser viewport
  • The terrible infinite reload bug that some poor souls were plagued by should be resolved

In addition we’ve now run virtually every last string on Smashrun through translation, and they’re up all up on our translation server. If you want to help get Smashrun sorted out in your language we could sure use the help.

The change should be transparent to English language users, but since it affects every single aspect of the site there’s no 100% guarantee we didn’t break something in the process. If you see something strange please email us at, and we’ll investigate.



Most overdue feature ever…Need to fulfill our commitments for the headliner features, then shoe tracker is on deck.

Richard Eve

+1 on the shoe tracker. And a little more on that, not just miles but entering the price paid for the shoes vs miles used could show a cost per mile such as .09/mile obviously depending cost of shoes and mile incurred. Just my .02 LOL


I usually import runs from garmin connect site.

Yesterday I went for a run and tried to import here, but I can’t see it in my december runs.

It tells me Last Garmin run: 18 hours ago (0.0 kms) but the run is not 0.0 kms…

Any help?


Did that, but I got no answer and the run is still not there…

Any help?

Thanks, regards.


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