Ghostracer integration


Ghostracer is now directly integrated with Smashrun! This is hugely exciting for two reasons.

First, Ghostracer is just an all around great Android app. It’s primary feature which allows you to race against “ghost runners” representing previous runs is pretty killer. But what’s really exciting is its untethered integration with the Sony Smartwatch. This means you can run without your phone and then seamlessly upload the run to Smashrun when you get back home. And, since it’s directly integrated, there’ll be no worries about picking up pauses, heart rate, cadence, or elevation.

You can download it for your Android phone and/or Smartwatch from here. It’s also super easy to get in touch with the app’s developer on Ghostracer’s community page.


Andrew Williams

Ghostracer really does blow everything else for the Sony Smartwatch out of the water. Introduced me to Smashrun as well which is always good!

Jeff Geyer

So do I have to run with my smartphone, or can I use my Garmin and compare runs using Ghostracer?


Rachel Letardis

Hi Chris,

I’m having issues with importing the Ghostracer runs to Smashrun – namely that it always posts the runs as being 3 hours later (than my current time). Is there a way to change the timezone settings via Smashrun? Didn’t see any settings for it either in Ghostracer or Smashrun…



Hi Rachel,

Sorry for the delay in replying. It’s best to reach out to the developer via the Ghostracer Google+ Community page ( – it is a known issue with the Ghostracer app, so they’ll have to release a patch to sort it out. In the future, it’s really best to reach out to us via hi[at] in case we’re not on the comment thread. I’ll email you shortly as well!


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