iSmoothRun integration

iSmoothRun is one of our favorite running apps for the iPhone. It’s also one of those rare fitness companies that we feel has its priorities right.

They’re not trying to take over the world – to monetize your running tracks, slurp up your health data, or become the Facebook of fitness. It’s just a great app for runners that makes it easy to send your data to any site you want. It’s also, as of today, directly integrated with Smashrun.

What that means is the data quality is going to be really tight and there’s no more worrying about syncing or emailing your runs. It should just work. It’s also 50% off right now and I can think of a lot of worse ways to spend $2.99 $5.99.

iSmoothrun to Smasrhun

Special thanks goes out to Neil and the other beta testers who really went the extra mile helping us work out the kinks in the interface.

If you run into any problems or notice anything that’s less than perfect just shoot an email to us at hi@smashrun or to iSmoothrun and we’ll work to get it sorted out.


Richard Burdon

Wow! I’m very excited that this day has finally arrived. Can’t wait to try it out!

Thanks guys


I’m so excited that this is finally here! From Nike+ sync to emailing my runs, to direct upload… It worked perfectly and I didn’t have to do anything extra :-). Thank you!!


I have used iSmoothRun now for 2 years, and once I found it I stopped using the 4 others I tried prior. I am now into my 9th month of using SmashRun (stopped paying attention to 3 other sites I have tried before it). I have also stopped looking for any other web site to track/store my data. The fact that the integration now between these two is through the API is fantastic. Thanks to both development teams for putting this together!

Andrew Shugg

Pretty happy about this! Logged my first run directly from iSmoothRun this morning and it’s looking good.


One more pretty cool thing. iSmoothRun is also sending us song info, so in the future we can add some cool data points on that too. So many possibilities: average speed by artist, cadence vs bpm, highest heart rate by song….


Hooray! My favorite running site and favorite fitness app! Congratulations.


I’ve been using iSmoothRun for more than 1 year now. Can’t be more happy now that it integrates automatically to Smashrun ! First tried this evening and went really smooth.


Are there any specific codes in iSmoothrun a Smashrunner should include to be exported? I have been using the email export so far, but will set up the sync tonight. A sample (cut & paste?) would be ideal …


I am a long time user of iSmoothRun. I just bought the app for my buddy so he could have that direct interface to SmashRun.


Having a challenge with the smashrun/ ismoothrun import. If I import a ismoothrun .tcx file from dropbox into smashrun everything is good, but if I save directly from ismoothrun to smashrun then my lap times aren’t saved. Any ideas?


Looks like it’s a problem on our end. They appear to be getting sent correctly from iSmoothRun. Will have it patched in the next release.


ISmoothRun is simply the best, trying out smashrun coming from iSR… so far this is really cool! Excellent work guys.


Wow. I have been having to manually export from RunKeeper every few weeks and then upload to SmashRun. But I actually get my info into RK from my iSmoothRun app! Now I can sync with SmashRun immediately.

Love that app (and this site).


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