Monthly cumulative elevation

This week we’ve added cumulative monthly elevation gain for Smashrun Pro users. It comes with a handy animation that can help you spot which months had lots of elevation gain relative to total distance run. Also, the tooltips on many of the overview charts now include a line for total elevation. Of course, time spent at grade (in the Pro Training Bands) is still the most comprehensive view for hill training, but this provides a far more familiar metric. It’s also possible that you might find it useful for tracking your progress toward earning elevation based badges…should such badges materialize in the semi-near future.



Brian Ogilvie

Are you planning some kind of elevation correction feature? I’m not sure what source you use for elevation, but on one run I did in Iceland last month, the elevation SmashRun recorded is over ten times what it actually was. I was running along a fjord, with very rapid elevation changes as one moves inland, but the road I was on was fairly flat, with a couple of short hills.

Cf. Strava’s elevation estimate:


Wow. Fjords, waterfalls, and a church. Sounds incredible! That’s a run sourced from Garmin right? Garmin has elevation correction as an option on their site and this will pass through to Smashrun when it’s enabled. But I think you may actually have that enabled. I believe it uses USGS data which doesn’t usually take man made structures into account. So it probably has you running into and out of the fjords. You may be better off with the uncorrected data…you could turn it off on Garmin and re-export the file as TCX to use the watches data instead. My understanding was that both Strava and Garmin are using the same USGS data, but maybe that’s changed.


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