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Magic PRs and new filters

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We just added a couple of new features to make PR Progress and Pace Trends even more powerful. Discovering your “Magic” PRs What makes a PR magic? A magic number is a number that’s significant because… well, just because it is. When we’re talking about PR’s the magic numbers are nice and round. They’re the […]

Learn from your best runs

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Last month we released PR Progress, a new Smashrun Pro feature which allows you to visualize all the PR’s you’ve set over time. Knowing this information shows you the end result of all your training from different training cycles. So it also makes sense to see what kind of training made each of those PR’s […]

Introducing PR Progress

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Hurrah! Today we released a new Smashrun PRO feature called “PR Progress”, which you’ll find within the Analyze section. First off, a PR (or sometimes called a PB) is a personal record/personal best. You set a new PR every time you run faster for a given distance. Regardless of how fast a runner you are, […]

The new demographic ranks

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Finally! The new “Demographic Ranks” is live today. We know. It took for…ever. But, all I can say is it was just really quite hard. Yes, the entire endeavor consists of exactly one single page. But, it is a fairly useful and maybe even, to those who are being somewhat generous, a pretty cool page. […]

Some small improvements

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We’ve been pretty busy polishing up the new Garmin Push API, but we still made a little time to add some small but helpful features. Projected finish time If you’ve ever run a marathon, you’ve probably wondered: “If I had run the second half as fast as my first half, what would my time have […]

Garmin Auto-Sync is live

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After 4 weeks of testing, we’re happy to announce that the Garmin Auto-Sync is ready! We could not have done this without your help. We’d like to thank all of our users who helped out through our Garmin fund drive, and to everyone who put up with failed imports, weird data, and writing detailed bug […]

Demographic ranks update

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Demographic Ranks In the past few weeks, we received over 200 unique suggestions for demographic ranks. They ranged from “3 kids, 2 cars, and a house” to “Borderline Alcoholics” (actually, likely some significant overlap there). If there’s one thing that quickly became clear from this whole exercise, it’s that the ability to create groups is far […]

Demographic ranks

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The Smashrun ranks have always lumped everyone together. Grandmothers are comparing their 5k times to college track stars. It’s pretty discouraging.  So, starting soon, we’re going to calculate individual ranks for distance, discipline, and speed across different brackets. We could have implemented the familiar age and gender related delineations, but in case you haven’t noticed, we like to do things a bit differently. […]

TomTom Integration

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A few weeks ago, TomTom approached us about becoming an early adopter of their new API Program. We’re happy to say that the process was pretty smooth and the integration is now live! The original TomTom Runner and the newer TomTom Spark are rock solid GPS watches. You can pick up the original Runner for well under $100 on Amazon. […]

New mobile site + race stuff

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We pushed out a few new features yesterday. The big one is that we’ve improved the usability of Smashrun on your phone’s mobile browser. It’s only a step, but a fairly big step. It used to be that Smashrun worked great on mobile for anyone with extremely tiny fingers, 60/20 eyesight and an 8″ or larger phablet. […]