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Microsoft Band Integration

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The Microsoft Band 2 is packed with 11 sensors including a barometric altimeter (whoop!), accelerometer, optical HR sensor (bit delayed) , gyrometer, GPS (fast syncing), skin temperature sensor, UV sensor, ambient light sensor, capacitative sensor, microphone, and a galvanic skin response sensor. Its GPS quality rivals the top dedicated running watches (although sampling rate is […]

New Badges!

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As of today, there‚Äôs now 35 more badges that you can earn on Smashrun! Here’s what you need to know. The Smashrun Pro badge series are the first badges where you can choose which runs count towards them. Basically, you can choose to earn them based on your registration date (that means we calculate the […]

Exclude bad HR and bad elevation

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Last night, in preparation for next week’s release, we added two new tags within the By Run page that allows you to exclude bad elevation and/or HR data from any runs. So, in the event that you lose GPS, find yourself with spiky elevation or HR, you can just click on the “Bad Elevation” or […]

Caledos Runner Integration

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Windows Phone users can now use Caledos Runner to track runs and auto-send it to Smashrun! Caledos is a free app that supports SensorCore technology and Bluetooth SMART devices. It has built-in audio cues in 9 languages and just recently released live tracking. Setup is super easy, it’s free, and you can even run with […]

New outdoors map

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When Mapbox released their Run, Hike, Bike map, we thought it would be a step closer towards better route discovery. Yet, we found that it didn’t really do a good job of highlighting the information that runners might care about most. At our default zoom level when displaying your run, you don’t really see much. […]

Tag Cooper tests for VO2

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A Cooper test is a benchmark run that you can use to estimate your VO2 max. It’s pretty simple. You go to a track. Then, well, you just start running like a crazy person until the 12 minutes are up. That’s pretty much it. The problem is that unless you’re a professional athlete running 12 […]

Interactive Overview and Weekly Stats

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We’ve added a new visual layer to Smashrun’s Overview pages! Now you can interact with the distance charts, Trailing mileage charts, Runs distance vs. pace, and an infinitely more useful version of Days run vs. days without. The interactivity should provide more transparency to your data so you can actually dig in and discover additional […]

RunGap Integration

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If you’re looking for an easy way to import your stats from Suunto, Endomondo, Strava, Polar, or Runkeeper into Smashrun, RunGap with Smashrun support is now available from the iTunes App Store. It’s a workout tracker that lets you consolidate your complete training history and back it up as you like. To export your data […]

Progress Towards Goal

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Setting a goal has always been the first step towards better training, but tracking your progress towards it provides the guidepost that will lead you through your toughest training days. The challenge with goal setting is that even the most conservative training plan can fall through, but knowing how far you have to run to […]


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We just did a release tonight with a couple dozen bug fixes and a few UI improvements. For example, you can now navigate back and forth between the Run Overview and By Run page by using the calendar. When you click a month or a year from the By Run page, it’ll take you back […]