Caledos Runner Integration

Caledos-Smashrun integration

Windows Phone users can now use Caledos Runner to track runs and auto-send it to Smashrun! Caledos is a free app that supports SensorCore technology and Bluetooth SMART devices. It has built-in audio cues in 9 languages and just recently released live tracking. Setup is super easy, it’s free, and you can even run with it “offline”.

To set it up, load Caledos Runner on your Windows Phone, then:

– go to settings > Share

– select Smashrun > authenticate

– enabling sharing

Caledos Settings
Sharing Enabled

After each run, when you click save, you’ll be prompted to share your run to Smashrun!

Share run

Make sure you give it a go if you’re on the lookout for a Windows Phone running app! The developers are also pretty cool and they are quite keen to hear from their users. Just check out their ongoing collection of postcards from runners all over the world.



For mroe than a year I have been using Track Runner as my (Windows phone) run recorder and linking that to SmashRun. It has worked very well but for the past month it has been getting steadily worse at tracking runs. It logs the time but reduces the distance or abandons it altogether (14 minute miles anyone?). The weather has been poor but even so it seems to be struggling and I don’t know what has happened. I will give Caledos a go. Do these different programmes perform differently in terms of tracking given that they all use GPS and your phone’s technology? My phone does not seem to be malfunctionin in any other way, and the SatNav (for example) works fine.


I’ll be curious to hear your experience. We’ve seen good GPS with both Track Runner and Caledos. Actually remarkably good. Weather could easily be a factor. No amount of GPS capability can make up for a thick cloud cover. On overcast days even the best Garmin watch can be pretty poor, and if those clouds are filled with snow or rain you might as well forget about it.


So I just did my first run with Caledos. The cloud was higher today (November in the UK) so maybe not a fair test against recent Track Runner performance, but it did record the run well – paused at one point but resumed automatically after a few seconds. However, the overall run (my regular route) became almost 0.2 of a mile shorter (5.13 against 5.3). Of course it is not possible to do a head to head at the same time on the same device. Neither app can send altitude info to SmashRun so I always have a weirdly slow first mile (steep hill). Other than that the diffeences are probably cosmetic and a matter of choice. I think I prefer the Track Runner screen layout but that may just be because I am more familiar with it. I will stick with Caledos for the time being and see how it goes. Occasionally I run with my wife and when we are both on Track Runner it records slightly different distances for each of us- I have no idea whether that is the phone or the programme. Anyway, the main things is to get out an run! Everything else is secondary.


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