Garmin Auto-Sync is live

After 4 weeks of testing, we’re happy to announce that the Garmin Auto-Sync is ready! We could not have done this without your help. We’d like to thank all of our users who helped out through our Garmin fund drive, and to everyone who put up with failed imports, weird data, and writing detailed bug reports to help us bring Garmin Auto-Sync out of beta.

As of today, all Garmin users who are currently Pro, or have ever had a Smashrun Pro account, will be able to connect to Garmin Auto-Sync. To enable it, just visit your settings sync page, scroll down to the Garmin Auto-Sync section and connect. Note that you should disable any pop-up blockers before trying to connect.

Once connected, Garmin will automatically push your next new run to Smashrun. It’s a good idea to disconnect or adjust your settings for 3rd party sync services such as FitnessSyncer, RunGap and, especially, Tapiriik. It can get messy when runs are pushed from two directions.


Jared Connell

This is seriously the best news I’ve gotten all week! Great work Smashrun Team. Now I may even use my Garmin for days that I decide to go out without my HRM, just because it will be faster to sync this way than it would the other.


I love the automatic update from my Garmin although the first two runs uploaded with crazy elevation.


Unfortunately this is a pretty challenging problem. GPS based elevation is terrible, so you need to have elevation correction turned on. But I’m not sure of the quality of data from the service we’re using so far. We may need to build our own, which will mean creating a database of the elevation of the entire earn in 10 – 50m blocks. Certainly doable, but a challenge nevertheless.


Hi Chris,

The elevation with autosync enabled is absolutely terrible. My three runs since having it enabled have been 80%, 40% and 125% more elevation relative to what Garmin reports both from the watch and with elevation corrections enabled.


This is awesome, but every once in a while, it syncs a run wrong. This past week it changed a 7 mile run to a 11 mile run and added an hour to the time.


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