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June 2012 Release Notes

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We know it’s been a long time coming. We’ve recently had to rework our entire data model to make way for future device and mobile app integration and, while it still requires a bit more work, we’re finally getting there… In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the new features we just released! 33 New […]

nike import issues (2.16.12) – FIXED

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Nike Update: we are aware that quite a few Nike+ users are having some trouble importing their runs to Smashrun today. Last night, Nike implemented some changes to their site that is now affecting the way we import run data. We are looking into it and will try and push out a fix as soon as possible. […]

Time for a new color picker

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We’re trying out something a little different this month… instead of looking for another generic color picker, we figured it made sense to open it up to our Smashrun community. So if you’ve got a photo that you think would be a perfect candidate, you should definitely share it! The entry process is pretty straightforward: […]

birthdays (and your birthday badge)

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This month’s most popular question: how do I set my birthday so I can earn my birthday badge? Ahh yes.. we definitely should have included this in the FAQ section. Very truly sorry about that. Here’s the answer: at the moment, we’re currently getting your birthday from Facebook. So, as long as your birthday is […]

Facebook posting delays – resolved.

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Over the past 2-3 weeks, we’ve had quite a few users email in about a range of Facebook issues: delays in posting, missing Facebook posts, posts that show up on the “Activity Feed” or the newsfeed but not on the Timeline – lots of weird stuff going on. We tried to figure out what the […]

Tweet your 2011 running stats

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So last week: I posted my 2011 running report on Quantified Self’s LinkedIn group and got a message from someone who said I should also tweet it. Of course, that was easier said than done, especially because my post was so darn long:       I tested a few tweet variations and eventually we […]

New badges in the making…

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After reading 87 beta surveys, 24 emails, and too many tweets to count in the past 72 hours…it’s pretty unanimous: the badges are cool and Smashrun needs more of them! Luckily, we’ve been working with an awesome designer/ illustrator who’s been knocking out some newly minted badges. We’re not yet sure about the release date, […]