Nike+ import is up and running

Smashrun is now compatible with the new Nike+ website. We apologize for the outage while we upgraded our system but, starting today, you should be able to seamlessly sync your data from the new Nike+ site without issue.

Please let us know if you run into any problems and we’ll sort it out right away.

As always, you can reach us via, our Facebook page, or @smashrunHQ.

Thanks so much for everyone’s continued support! We really do appreciate it – especially @chrislukic who coded all through last night til 4am this morning before his flight out of Santiago.


Kiwi Al

Great work guys! I’ve missed smashrun for the past 2 weeks, the new nike website just isn’t doing it for me..

Dan F

Is it just me, or is the new integration rockin’ fast? Login is heaps quicker, sync happens superfast, very nice.

Jose Antonio

Thank you… I missed Smashrun too… I am very glad about to it is up & running…


I just recently put a Hanes Dri-T on test drive, a couple of runs in hot/humid weather and cooler conditions. It’s not bad at all – shirts are just so expensive… and not even for us, but for our users! We just spent so many days researching it and can’t seem to find one that’s affordable for everyone. The trouble we’ve come across is finding a good drop-shipper so if you guys know anyone, we’d love to hear it! In the meantime, we might put up something temporarily so those that really really want a shirt now can still get one. After all.. it is a little weird that I’m the only person running around with a Smashrun t-shirt haha

Dan J

You guys are awesome. Sites like MapMyRun don’t compare. MMR, for an example, still cannot figure how to work with Nike’s update. My cap off to you for being open about your site and projects, working to make your site a success and a tool for all and leading the pack. Why you lock people from following the site on Twitter, I guess, is another story. Thanks Again! The paid sites can’t match you.


Thanks Dan. Appreciate the kind words. Funny thing is MMR is fueled by $9 million in VC funding. Runkeeper has $10million. And we’ve so far managed to get by on personal savings, help from family and friends, and a $40k grant from the Chilean government.

Twitter {sigh}

User Smashrun is a girl with a private account who hardly ever uses twitter but nabbed our username before we got it. So we’ve had to make our on Twitter @smashrunHQ


Awesome site! Just wondering how things are coming along with gpx export of Nike+ data? I know there was mention of this possibility. I’m currently using Eagerfeet to export Nike+ data, but the developer has been having difficulty with Nike’s API. Any updates/comments are much appreciated. Keep up the great work!


It’s definitely on the agenda, but first priority is Garmin import, and some mapping features for GPS runs. Want to get import squared away before we start working on export.


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