birthdays (and your birthday badge)

This month’s most popular question: how do I set my birthday so I can earn my birthday badge?

Ahh yes.. we definitely should have included this in the FAQ section. Very truly sorry about that. Here’s the answer: at the moment, we’re currently getting your birthday from Facebook. So, as long as your birthday is public information on your Facebook profile, Smashrun will be able to track your birthday and reward you that awesome birthday badge! Not to mention, you get a cake too.

Going forward, we will┬áchange this process and just add a birthday field in the settings page. We should have something in place by next release – more updates to follow regarding when that’ll be.

In the meantime, if your birthday is coming up soon (like in the next month) and you don’t currently publish your birthday on Facebook, you can just let us know via email when your birthday is and we’ll make sure you get the badge!

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