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Interactive Overview and Weekly Stats

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We’ve added a new visual layer to Smashrun’s Overview pages! Now you can interact with the distance charts, Trailing mileage charts, Runs distance vs. pace, and an infinitely more useful version of Days run vs. days without. The interactivity should provide more transparency to your data so you can actually dig in and discover additional […]

RunGap Integration

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If you’re looking for an easy way to import your stats from Suunto, Endomondo, Strava, Polar, or Runkeeper into Smashrun, RunGap with Smashrun support is now available from the iTunes App Store. It’s a workout tracker that lets you consolidate your complete training history and back it up as you like. To export your data […]

Garmin is back! New features!

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It was a tough 48-hour period, but the Garmin Connect importer is now fixed. As many of you know, Garmin’s been busy rolling out a lot of changes to their site over the past few weeks. We’ve adapted our code and everything should now be 100%. If you’re still having trouble, shoot us an email […]

Garmin importer currently down

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There is currently a problem with the Garmin importer and we are looking into it. For any users who sync their runs via Garmin Connect, please hold off from clicking ‘sync’ until we’re able to diagnose and patch the issue. We’ll keep everyone up-to-date as we learn more. In the meantime, you can still export […]

New Tutorials

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With so many new faces around here, thanks to our December buy pro/give pro promotion, we thought it’d be helpful to create a couple of quick tutorials to get everyone acquainted with their new pro accounts. Training Bands – learn how to highlight different training bands in different periods and understand what they mean contextually. […]

Progress Towards Goal

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Setting a goal has always been the first step towards better training, but tracking your progress towards it provides the guidepost that will lead you through your toughest training days. The challenge with goal setting is that even the most conservative training plan can fall through, but knowing how far you have to run to […]

Friends’ weekly scorecard

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Improving the friends drop-down We’ve had several users in the past request that we add their total weekly distance on the friends drop-down. We’ve also had a few users request the ability to compare their weekly distance with the Smashrunners they follow. We added both. They might seem like minor additions, but both changes will […]

New badge, beacon and weather

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A badge for the polyglots For those who missed our post on Facebook and Twitter, Smashrun is currently working on translating the badges to multiple languages! It’s the first big step towards internationalizing the site and, soon after, we’ll tackle the trickier task of translating the main interface. To acknowledge those who are helping us, […]

June Patch

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Last night’s patch should address all of the Nike import issues that some users have been having recently. If your initial sync doesn’t work, please try setting a new minimum import date within settings > synced devices > then sync again. Email us at if you are still getting an error. Other fixes included […]

Nike import error

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The latest changes on Nike’s site have recently affected certain user accounts, which is causing Nike imports to fail on Smashrun. For those who are affected, we have been informed that Nike Support is currently doing manual fixes on an account-by-account basis. From what we can tell, the cause appears to be one of three […]