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New notables

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We added a few new notables with the release this morning. These are mostly just to support badges we have planned for the future, but are kind of interesting in and of themselves. New notables for all users Before sunrise – started and finish your run before the sun comes up During sunrise – started […]


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We just did a release tonight with a couple dozen bug fixes and a few UI improvements. For example, you can now navigate back and forth between the Run Overview and By Run page by using the calendar. When you click a month or a year from the By Run page, it’ll take you back […]

Lost in translation

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The translation of Smashrun to 18 new languages is off to a great start. Thanks to the efforts of a core group of Smashrunners, we’ve translated the badge award messages into French, Dutch and Chinese. And Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian and German are not far behind. That said, we’ve really only just scratched the surface […]

Editing weather

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And a few fixes: Improved our pause detection algorithm for apps that don’t mark off pauses in files Pro user goal target now shows the target for end of day today, not yesterday (which was really silly) Added several additional calculated values to the Pro section of the run info modal: purdy points, METS, overall […]

New shortcuts on the by run page

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No more flipping back between the run list and the by run page. Woohoo! We’ve added some new shortcuts just under the calendar so that you can now easily do all of the following directly from the run view: Publish a run to Facebook or Twitter Edit a run’s details Delete a run View extra […]

Nike patched and currency update

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It’s 2am here at SmashrunHQ, and I’m thinking tomorrow morning’s run might have to become tomorrow afternoon’s run… On the upside, the Nike import should be up and running again. If you continue to have any trouble at all please let us know and we’ll sort it out. We’ve also added local currency pricing for […]

Garmin sync problems

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For many users Garmin sync will be down until we make some updates. Hope to get these issues resolved as soon as possible, but in the meantime we recommend you download your runs as TCX or GPX files from Garmin and import them directly into Smashrun.

Smashrun PRO

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There’s always been this gap. A gap between the experience of your run and the way you see your run through your data. You had the run of your life, but it was your first run through hills, so your pace was slower. You sprinted faster than you’ve ever sprinted at the end of that […]

Arcos De La Frontera

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A new direction It wasn’t long after we first launched Smashrun before we had already started to formulate our ideas for The Next Big Step. Little did we realize then the sheer enormity of the scope of the project we were about to undertake or the scale of the commitment that it would require. We […]