API Improvements

This past week we’ve added a bunch of new functionality to the Smashrun API. We’re moving beyond import/export to try and make some of Smashrun’s unique functionality more accessible.

Some highlights:

  • Stats by all-time / year / month
  • Notables for a run
  • Splits by kilometer or mile
  • Return a route map as SVG, GeoJSON or a Google Maps formatted polyline.
  • Get extended data about a run: sunrise/sunset, moon phase, country, state, city, treadmill, race, and cooper test flags, and much more
  • Edit an existing run, and flag a run as deleted
  • You can also now post FIT files directly to the API

If, however, you’re looking to just play with your data on a spreadsheet, remember you can always get a csv export you easily open in Excel by adding /export to the end of your url. For example: http://smashrun.com/your.username/export

Coming up soon:

Individual TCX export and bulk zipped export. If you’d like to beta test the functionality shoot us an email.



Awesome improvements Chris! I was doing some of the month/year stuff manually. The mapping capabilities are going to be awesome. Any links you can share on how to display either the SVG or Google polyline?

Thanks! Len

P.S. …and thanks for the great documentation!


> Stats by all-time

This is awesome, but also makes me sad that I can’t have “all time stats” because I haven’t always kept track. Oh well, I can have “since 2012 stats” so that’s something 🙂

Sergio Dantas

Happy 2017! Just found Smashrun a week or so ago… Would be great to sync weight from Withing… Any chance? Cheers

Jonathan Beam

I really like the updates, but when the year switched I realized I was missing something I never knew before, the ability to look at the last year of data (~54 weeks). I’d like to see an option where you normally select “All Time” or a specific year, for “1 year” which would show the last 53 to 54 weeks of data, with the single day summaries similar to how you would see when looking at a specific year.



guys any plan to a search for the runs? based on tags? distance avg speed etc?




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