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Sportractive is a popular and highly rated free app for Android phones. It’s got a super clean interface, accurate recording, and a ton of features. And best of all, it now has a direct integration with Smashrun.

If you’ve got an Android phone, and you’re looking for an easy way to get your runs on Smashrun it’s definitely worth trying out – especially because it’s completely free.

To set it up with Smashrun, go to Sportractive’s main menu and click on ‘Settings’. Scroll down to ‘Cloud and Social Network Preferences’, click on it, and check Smashrun. In the subsequent window, either create a new account or connect your Smashrun account with Sportractive. You’re all set!

Sportractive Setup



I am trying to connect smash run with sportractive, but it does not seem to work. When I press connect, I can fill in my email and password, but thats it. There is no button to press to continue and save my settings. I have the same problem with the app Ghostracer.


It sounds like our login form isn’t correctly fitting your phone’s screen. What model of phone do you have? Could you take a screenshot of what you see and email it to hi@smashrun.com?

Luis Borges

What if I signed up on Smashrun using Facebook login?

How do I “pair” Sportractive with Smashrun?



I love Smashrun, it’s great that you’re actively working on new integrations! The only issue with Sportractive is that it doesn’t appear to connect to Garmin.. the best case scenario would be go for a run with your Garmin, and your run gets uploaded automatically to Smashrun instead of manually clicking import. I realize that might not be very easy to achieve though!

Thanks for all of your hard work.


I had Sportractive on my phone, that’s how I found out about Smashrun, because it prompted me to upload my results. I had to register for Smashrun separately and then export the gpx and upload it manually, but today as soon as I finished my run, Sportractive prompted me to upload and that went seamlessly. Very nice.

Sportractive I didn’t really like all that much at first, but I tried other apps and liked them even less plus they took up a lot more space on my phone.

I like seeing the results much better when they’re displayed on Smashrun’s interface, that makes enough difference that I guess I’ll stick with this and call it good.

Mark Stone

I like the idea of Sportractive, but I’m having some trouble getting started with it. I have two runs that I did before linking the app to Smashrun, and I don’t see any way to sync past workouts. How do I get them to Smashrun?

I also don’t see any way to delete a run. That doesn’t come up often, but it is an occasional need.


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