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Trailing miles and Weekly running reports

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We’re introducing two new features that we think will help you see your running in a whole new light and, perhaps, motivate you to keep improving. Of course, since that’s pretty much our raison d’être, it’s safe to say we’re super excited! The trailing miles chart This new chart replaces the cumulative miles chart and it’s […]

Nike sync fix

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We had an issue affecting a small number of users who couldn’t sync from Nike. If you were one of those users, then we’ve got good news! The problem should be resolved. (hopefully) If you notice any further problems with the Nike sync, let us know and we’ll look into it right away.


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It’s hard to find words to express the shock and sadness at the events of today. We know that some of you, some of your friends, were running and supporting the runners in Boston. Our thoughts are with you.

A few reflections on Smashrun’s 3rd birthday

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As far back as I can remember birthdays have always been as much for me about celebration as they’ve been about introspection. It’s important, I think, to occasionally pick your eyes up off the road beneath your feet and look off into the distance to be sure you’re going the right way, but also to […]

Quick patch

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We just released a patch for a number of issues that popped up after our release last week. Thanks to everyone who emailed us about the problems you’ve encountered. Hoping this should resolve a great many of them. If you’ve had trouble with: Syncing runs from Nike Editing manual runs Importing from or linking to […]

Badges for crazy, mad runners

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On January 1st our very own Jacklyn Giron will complete the 366 day running streak that she started last New Years. Since 2012 was a leap year that will make a total of 366 days she ran this year. This is crazy, mad running. To a keep a streak of this magnitude going you’ve got […]

Help for users who run more than once a day

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After the last monster release we’re working on pushing out smaller a more regular upgrades. Here’s the latest: Address an issue some users are having with the Nike import. This won’t solve everyone’s problems, but it’s a start. Expect more patches over the coming days. Allow easy access to multiple runs on the same day. […]

Nike import is down while Nike upgrades

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UPDATE June 6th, 11pm So we’ve finally got access to Nike’s site again. It looks great, a big improvement to be sure, but since Nike doesn’t officially have an API we’re a little broken at the moment. Nothing that we can’t fix, but please bear with us as we adapt our code. Thanks for you […]

What we’ve been working on…

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It’s been quite a while since we posted, so thought I thought it’d make sense to update everyone a bit about, what we’ve been working on lately. Our big focus has been to make the site less Nike-centric, and that’s meant a lot of reworking the data model that everything’s built on. It’s important because […]

Nike upgrades

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Looks like Nike’s down while they make upgrades. Unfortunately that means our Nike integration is down too…