Nike Run Club sync issue

It appears that the runs from the new Nike Run Club app aren’t made available through the Nike API. Right now, we’re not sure what we can do to get them. Either they’re there, or they’re not. This is frustrating to say the least. Between the recent changes to the Nike website and the new changes to the app we’re hearing a lot of negative feedback, and I’m not sure what the fallout will be. If anyone uses any apps that successfully get data from the new app, please give us a heads up. Right now, it looks like every app we know of that uses Nike data is broken…



Can you guys import from Strava? i know the enirity of the Nike+ community is revolting and regretting the update, like myself.


@Jay. Thanks. I’ll check that out. Though I think i’ve figured i’m just going to hold off and hope there’s a fix in sight; if not, i’ll just manually add runs (which is quite simple)


Indeed, for me manually adding the run works fine, using the downloaded GPX file from Strava.


Absolutely. Smashrun can now import from every site that will allow us. That’s Strava, Suunto, Polar, Fitbit, TomTom and MapMyRun as well as Garmin. Also FIT files, TCX files, and GPX files, or any combination of the above zipped up and bulk imported. We also have an open API anyone can use to get their data in and out of Smashrun.

That said, Nike is still one of the most popular running apps around. We’re hoping that one day they’ll have an open API (or even just data export), but we’ve been hoping for a very long time now…

Terry Morrish

including Nike’s own app. It isn’t updating anymore but their website is


I am getting my Nike+ data to sync to Garmin through the Connect app. This is post update. And I will chime in also and say the funky update has some good parts to it, but lots of bad parts! One bad part being the loss of shoe data! I hope you guys work out a solution soon!



Another work around, which is a bit funky, but will get your data onto Nike and Smashrun, is to:

1) Run with strava or some other app that allows you to create a .gpx file

2) upload the .gpx file to nike using this website:

3) Open the nike app on your phone – make sure your run is there.

4) Go to smashrun and sync

I’ve been able to import my last two runs that way. Inelegant, but seems to work.

Pattie Reaves

Does this mean that runs through the watch will sync, but runs through the app won’t sync?

My watch recently seems to have broken in the most annoying way, where it won’t connect to a satellite 9 times out of 10 and they stopped making shoes that hold the foot pod. 🙁


Also my sportwatch do not work with GPS, It has never worked from August 17. I contacted nike and result is that my sportwatch is broken…. For the foot pod i use a pouch shoes buyed at Decathlon

Pattie Reaves

INTERESTING. I don’t know exactly when my watch stopped syncing with the satellite but it was sometime before that (maybe mid-July). WTF nike. I paid a lot of money for that watch!


Definitely not working for me yet. Broken since Nike+ app updated August 22nd. Missing my SmashRun stats and run streak updates…

Dave G

Ola my runs are no longer updating from the Nike run club app.Last updated 21st August. Any fix in sight?


I track my runs with the Nike+ app and haven’t had any issues syncing my runs to smashrun. I just uploaded a run from 8/23 and one from 8/26 and all the data seems to be there.


@Brooke: did you upgrade the app already to Nike+ Run Club? Or are you still using the old one?


Both me and my fellow updated the app and we could export all the history on thursday. To be honest we didn’t test if newer activities get synchronized as we don’t care at all. We abandoned the ship! Used Smashrun to get all the old activities from N+ and moved to Garmin Connect. After that is Garmin the one sending the activities to Nike+ (despite we no longer care about this shitty platform anymore).

As a aside question, I would really appreciate a “Donate” button in smashrun, we are very grateful on being able to recover all our hijacked activity from Nike, as we had it since the very beginning we start running years ago, and that was precisely the reason we continued using it.

Lars Petersen

As soon as I saw the Nike+ update I smelled a rat. I did my next run on Both Nike+ and Runkeeper. I also downloaded all my Nike+ data using the tapirik link mentioned earlier. Then uploaded to Smashrun. The nike run never updated but Runkeeper did. So I have deactivated Nike+ and switched immediately to Smoothrun. Now all my data is in Smashrun and updating is great! The initial upload of data from Dropbox to Smoothrun was difficult to figure out but I finally figured it out

Abhijit Chanda

Nike+ Sync is working again…kinda. It automatically synced two out of three runs from last week. I had to manually add one run.

Jose Antonio Perez Corona

Nike+ Sync is working again!!!!, It automatically synced for out of five runs from last week. I had to manually add one run. But It is working I want to thank you for this great App (Smashrun). The best…


I run with the Nike+ Run Club app and I did experience sync issues, but strangely, not on the first day when the app was updated. In two days after the update and first usage/sync with SR I had a run and when tried to sync it with SR afterwords had trouble with it – SR kept saying that there were no new runs, so I added it manually. The runs that followed that unsuccessful sync attempt got synced, and then sometime later that run that hadn’t wanted to get synced, finally appeared on SR. They issued update for iOS app two-three days after the launch of the renewed app, lets see if they fully cured the sync data sharing thing.


My nike run synced 3 day ago, but my run today won’t get synced. So i geus there are still some issues ?


I haven’t had any issues importing Nike data. I can’t wait to completely shed myself of Nike because the new website and new app are treasonous to runners.

Erik Holley

The app will not sync my last 10 runs. It’s very frustrating. I’ve logged over 5000miles and now it just stops working. I’ve been using this since the first fuel band and now on my phone and watch. Is there a solution yet?


As far as I know, the issue had been fixed by Nike on Aug 27 or a few days earlier.

But I’m not sure whether it works at present – since this last f*** up of Nike I decided to stop using it. It was the last straw, after they messed up the app and the website.

Erik Holley

I can’t find a setting to calibrate anymore. It can be off by a mile or more on a 5milw treadmill run. I can edit it. I jus can’t calibrate to improve accuracy

Ageng Wibowo

yeah, i also have the same issue! The last version, the app was quite good for treadmill run accuracy, but now, my pace seems to be quicker in the app, quite significantly! I ran for 1k on treadmill, with 6:19 pace for about 6 and half minutes, but the app recorded 1,3k with 5:51 pace. D’oh! Why on earth do they put calibration setting away?!

Oh, also, if my phone signal’s a bit off, Nike’s GPS just stopped tracking even though the signal improved. It even recorded my pace was 99+…. maybe i ran slower than a snail.

Come on Nike.. you guys screwed up. Bad.


The best thing to do is find another app than the “improved” Nike app. At least that’s what I did a month ago.


I can´t sync my latest runs, it worked in sSunday but today it isn´t. Has anyone the same problem?

Pattie Reaves

Yeah, mine won’t sync now either. They synced fine on Daily Mile, though.


🙁 My run with the Nike+ app (old version) synced well with their website and here;

but today I can not import the runs from Nike+ to Smashrun – will try again tomorrow.

Also noticed that the app does not show my weekly runs on the start page there … trying to log in here with the Nike+ login says that the Nike+website is “down”, but I could log in and see everything there. The app itself records my runs well, GPS is behaving as it did from the beginning (loss/failure when running in the woods – away from traffic streets).


I’m also no longer able to sync my Nike+ app (old version) runs to Smashrun – it worked yesterday but today Smashrun can’t seem to log into Nike+

It doesn’t seem like Nike is down since I was able to log into their website and see my latest run.

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