Need a new running app?

If you’re in the market for a new running app (as I suspect many of you are) we’ve just gotten word that iSmoothRun has slashed its price by a whopping 60% for the next couple days. So for $1.99 you can get a rock solid app that exports directly to Smashrun, Dropbox, and a ton of other running sites.


Ed Mitchell

If you are an iOS user, there is no better running app for Smashrun, or overall that iSmoothRun. Happy user of this app for years, been rock solid tracking everything from neighboorhood easy runs to multiple marathons. No other app is as accurate or configurable. Plus there is no subscription fees, its a one time charge.

Ginger Bailey

I agree with Ed. iSmoothRun is by far the best running app I’ve found. I’ve been using it for a few years now. It has TONS of useful and easy to use features, including being able to create complex interval workouts. It stores the data locally on your device, but the idea is that you then export that data to other platforms, such as Smashrun. The auto-export ability works great and is a super easy, automatic way to get your data uploaded to one or more websites. The custom integration with Smashrun, of course, means better quality data imports in Smashrun.


I have used many running apps and many running web sites; hands down the best running app is iSmoothRun. And as many on this forum would agree… the best web site is SmashRun.


I love iSmoothrun! I have to travel for work frequently and I don’t always like bringing my Garmin. iSmoothrun is not only great for Smashrun, but you can also send your data to Garmin Connect with it. Best app I’ve ever used!


Did anyone notice the Nike Running app is back? I deleted the Run Club app and this morning when i woke up the Nike+ Running app was back on my phone mysteriously. In the old layout too. Very strange.

Noel Hibbard

Yep.. I’ve used them all. iSmoothRun is king. I export to RunKeeper and SmashRun but it can export to something like 15 different services. I love the integration with my Pebble too. So many of the running apps are one size fits all. iSmoothRun on the other hand has lots of options so you can fit it to your taste. The developer is also very responsive to fixing bugs and adding features.

Danilo Tessera

Unfortunately it’s only for iOS 8.0 or later… I have a still well working iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2 and can’t upgrade.

Lars Petersen

I deleted my Nike app and deactivated it online. It’s not back on my phone. Good riddance I say, Enjoying Ismoothrun


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