FBI Badges


We got bored working on the demographic ranks and waiting for Garmin to take our (your) money, so this weekend we decided to create some cool new badges. Since there’s absolutely no cooler badge than an FBI Special Agent badge, that’s exactly what we made.

Every year FBI agents need to meet minimum fitness requirements to pass their annual physical. This includes a 1.5 mile run within an age/sex graded pace. The minimum requirements to pass are fairly reasonable for most experienced runners, but to really excel they’re pretty challenging. So we’ve created 2 new Smashrun PRO badges. The Special Agent Badge – meet the minimum requirement for an FBI Agent, and the Super Agent Badge – score within the top 5% of all FBI agents. Good luck!



Ooh! Currently an 80 percentile agent! I’m going to injure myself getting that super agent badge!


Andrew Newman

I like it. I may never get it, but I like it.

If I was Gareth Beavis though I would start to think you were out to get me (if he was indeed still trying to get all the badges done in 2016)

Gareth Beavis

And yep – I’m still coming for those badges! Not going to make the 2:55 marathon until London next year (well, very much maybe) but I can get all the rest of them with a monumental effort.

Andrew Newman

Wow, that is awesome.

I really hope you make it. I am following you to see how you are progressing.

Maybe they should make a badge specifically for you, something along the lines of 75% badges complete or 90% of badges complete…or something like that, but name it after you.

Anthony DiAngelus

Don’t worry about the formalities of calling me Super Agent…my friends call me Tony 😉

Jim C

I got both but I keep getting notified for getting the super agent when I load a run. Glitch?


Yep. When you click on the badge it’ll show a pop up with a complete table. You’ll also need to set your age and sex on your profile.


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