Color Picker Pic of the Month Contest Rules

Eligibility and Judging

  • You must be a registered user of in order to participate.
  • Photos will be judged based on artistic merit, composition, and originality.
  • The Smashrun team will determine winner eligibility in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Entrants will be required to re-confirm ownership of their photo if chosen as the winner.


  • Online entries can be submitted anytime between 12:01am EST (GMT-5) on February 11, 2012. Deadline for submitting entries is 11:59pm EST (GMT-5) on February 26, 2012.
  • Entrants may be asked to supplement their submission (such as a paragraph about their photo or a higher resolution version of their photo).

 Your Rights

  • You will retain all rights to any photograph you submit including ownership, where applicable.
  • If your photo is chosen as Smashrun’s Color Picker Pic of the Month, you grant Smashrun a royalty-free, non-exclusive right, in perpetuity to:
    • Use the photo in Smashrun’s non-commercial communications to promote our Mission
    • Use the photo in our online social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus
    • All winning photos will be properly credited with the caption “© Person’s Name”


Questions, comments, and suggestions about contest rules can be sent to

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