Strava rate limits

We’ve had a bunch of new Strava users register over the last 3 days, and it looks like they pushed us over our API rate limits. This likely means that a many of you had trouble syncing from Strava.

Strava has a 15 minute rate limit and a daily limit. So if you have trouble syncing, you might have luck if you try early in the day, or at 16, 31, 46, or 1 minute past the hour.

You can also always import from Garmin directly or export the TCX and FIT file and import that by emailing it to: (remember to email the file from the address you registered with)

As the new users taper off things should return to normal, and you should have no trouble syncing at all in a few days. Apologies to everyone for the inconvenience.



Bah, minor inconvenience. Usually a refresh will instantly fix the situation.


Hi Chris and the team,

I record my activities on a Garmin watch and my Garmin account then syncs with Strava. It is the Strava account that then syncs to Smashrun.

I am aware of the new API changes at Strava, but I don’t really understand the full implications for sites like yours.

Would it be better for you if I changed my settings so that it’s my Garmin account that syncs to Smashrun? Would that help to ease the load and prevent issues for you? I guess it makes no difference to me, so I’m happy to change if it helps.



Sorry to be off topic, but I was curious about whether or not you would consider another age category. As someone about to turn 70, I can honestly say there is a huge difference physically between 60 and 70, even if a body is keeping in shape. One develops osteoarthritis, has joint replacements, is more easily injured. So I have to ask – please create more age divisions for those over 60. Over 70 might also require going to 5year divisions. Please consider this, ok? When I was 55, I wasn’t much different than I was at 45 – but getting older is a whole new ball game. Again, 60 is nothing like 70. I doubt 75 will look anything like 70. 80 won’t be anything like 75. The older you get, the more exponential the effects of age become. When I turn 70 in Sept., I don’t want to be competing with people 10 years younger. Shouldn’t be competing with them now.


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