Making room for more data

Smashrun now displays more than 10 years of data. We had to make a few changes under the hood to make this possible. But one of the most visible was the need for more pixels to display all of that data. So, Smashrun needed to get a wee bit wider.

All these new pixels allowed some room for a few more data points. Pro users can now see elevation and heart rate on the Run list page, as well as seeing heart rate on the By Run page’s “fastest run for distance” list.

If you’ve got a very, long running history on Smashrun, then your All Time view may now seem a bit cluttered. The easiest fix for that is to set a “Hide runs before date” on your Settings – > Profile page. It’s relatively easy to flip on and off, and setting it can help you focus on your more recent training without getting too fixated on those PR’s that you set when you were a lot younger

A new quick view

If you hover over one of your fastest runs for a distance you’ll now see a quick view with the description of your run, a map, and some additional stats. This can make it easier to get some clarity on these runs without having to drill down to each one.

New integrations

We’ve added support for Adidas Running (AKA Runtastic). You can create a connection on your settings sync page. Adidas, has a pretty nice app for both Android and iPhone.

We’re working on adding support for Coros watches. We’ll start beta testing in the coming weeks, so shoot an email to if you’re interested.

There’s also a new Google Play app called Health Sync which can sync from a variety of sources to Smashrun including some infrequently supported sources like Huawei Health and Samsung Health.

Odds and ends

You can now see the cut offs for speed ranks with distances you’ve never run. The friends panel also got a slight design tweak. And on the run list page we set it up, so that if you click on a heading it’ll highlight the highest values for that field.

(The mobile site is still limited to 10 years of data. We’ll address that in a future release)


Michael Martin

Thank you!!! Each New Year, I cried inside when an older year dropped off (and as I have got older, my faster years were vanishing). Now they are all back! Wonderful change.

Luca Angemi

Quick question. In the “fastest run for distance” list, it seems that runs older than 10 years are not taken into account. Is that a wanted behaviour?


Health Sync works! That’s great. I use it with Samsung Health. You should mention it on your site (‘apps’ and / or ‘synchronize’)

Jeremy Mann

Would be great to see the bold font size on that “OLDER” button reduce, and possibly changed to “MORE”, “OTHER”, “2013 +” . If I have to look at decades of running… can I at least get a badge for a decade run 10 Years after my first logged run 🙂


As usual, useful and thoughtful updates from the SmashRun team! Thank you!

“without getting too fixated on those PR’s that you set when you were a lot younger” – yeah sorry, that 5k from 2008 is forever burned into my brain 😀 :-D. You can tell that you folks understand runners though, love it!!! 🙂

On the HealthSync app – thumbs up! I stumbled across it a few weeks ago specifically for SamsungHealth and GoogleFit syncing, pretty awesome app, does the job it’s meant to do. Heads up for new users: every now and then it loses permissions to Samsung Health and you simply have to re-grant them when the message pops up (latest Android version) and it works again. It’s a fairly simple app, but efficient.

Todd Brownrout

Great update! I love Smashrun. It’s not an official run until I see it here 🙂

One question – on the List Page, i am having difficulty connecting the elevation gain to the By Run elevation stats. The list page does not seem to be the net of gain vs. loss on By Run. And does not tie to By Run gain only. Why do they seem to be different, or is it user error?


It’s the elevation gain, not the net value. It should match the value on the By Run page. Browsing your stats, I can’t wasn’t able to find any counter examples. Shoot an email to with an example of a mismatch your seeing and I’ll look into it.


Hi! I cant get adidas running sync to set up. It gives me an error when I try to connect the app in the smashrun setup page!!


I’m able to get SmashRun to work with my Samsung Galaxy 4 watch

On phone, set up Health Sync to sync Samsung Health to SmashRun

On Watch 4, manually start an activity as a “Run” (walk does not export)

When finished, check SmashRun – the run is there

I’m very happy!!!


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