Changes to Garmin Import

We’re moving to the updated Garmin API.

If you currently import from Garmin take a second right now and go to your Settings Sync Page and connect your account to the new Garmin API.

This new Garmin API is replacing our existing API connection starting today, so please make sure you connect.

Once you’re connected your next run will automatically sync to Smashrun as soon as it arrives on Garmin Connect. That means no more need to click the sync button. (If you’re a Pro user once you move to the new API everything should be the same as it was.)

For the moment historical synchronization from the Garmin API will be disabled. If you’re an existing user, this shouldn’t make a difference at all. If you’re a new user then check back next week after we work out all the bugs with historical import (or use a 3rd party site like Fitness Syncer).

UPDATE 4/8/21

We had a deadline from Garmin to switch to this new API, so unfortunately these changes had to go live for everyone before we had done the usual beta testing. We’re continuously releasing patches, so please report any issues you spot and we’ll keep knocking away at them.


Craig Luchtefeld

Should we disconnect the previous “Auto-Sync” API if now connected to the new “Autosync” API?


Hopefully, you shouldn’t need to. Once we’re sure runs are coming through as they’re supposed to we’ll disconnect your account from the old API and remove it.


Hi, there’s two different AutoSync options in the settings. Which one should I use?

The second one has the added text: “This connection is used by Garmin to push runs to Smashrun immediately after you upload them from your watch.”

So I presume is this one. But would be nice to clarify, or “deprecate” the old one clearly in the settings.


Thanks a lot for this change. I implemented it but my last run, does not show (among others) neither the route, nor the elevation profile (gained and lost) and the pace variability.

I do highly appreciate your work.


Unfortunately this seems to be happening for some users. We’re working to get this resolved, and will repair the badly imported runs retroactively.

Mark Olstad

I’m seeing the same issue as reported above, but also seems to be missing importing weather as well.

Rick Schippers

It seems to be working fine for. I was on the older auto-sync api. Set-up the new version. My latest two runs synced fine. The source now says GarminHealth, so I assume that is the new api.

Jim King

Hi, my last run is showing twice. Much as I would love to have been able to do 2, 20 mile runs today alas it was only the one! Have I done something wrong?


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