New shortcuts on the by run page

No more flipping back between the run list and the by run page. Woohoo!

Run toolbox

We’ve added some new shortcuts just under the calendar so that you can now easily do all of the following directly from the run view:

  • Publish a run to Facebook or Twitter
  • Edit a run’s details
  • Delete a run
  • View extra details about a run

Weather Updates

Weather on newly imported data should be a bit more accurate now. We’ve fixed some timezone related bugs and we’re also now interpolating the temperature if it falls between 2 readings. So if, for example, you start your ran at 7:15am and finish at 7:45am we’ll take the midpoint of your run (7:30) and get the 2 nearest available readings. These are usually by the hour, but may be much longer depending on where you are. So, we’d grab the 7am temperature and the 8am temperature and since 7:30 is 50% of the way between the two we’d split the difference. If the available weather readings are few and far between or if there’s a sudden change in temperature this can actually make a pretty big difference.

Once we’re sure these changes are working we’ll rerun them historically. There’s definitely some limitations of the weather services we’re using, but hoping this iteration should be much closer to matching reality.


Adam Salerno

This is awesome. Is there a coding option to add weather data to what gets posted to Facebook like %weather% or some such?

Christophe L

The “Pro Run Details” are are very interesting …Why hiding them in a tooltip !?

There is have a calculation problem :

Pace Middle Third: NaN:NaN:NaNmin/km


Just haven’t quite found a home for it yet, but it is pretty nifty! I’m sure we’ll eventually find a better place for it. Can you email us a link to the run that has the middle third pace calc problem? We’ll sort it out.


Hmm, all my runs have the NaN problem too. I just assumed it hasn’t been programmed yet.

And yeah, I think Smashrun could use a slight UI redesign. The FB/Twitter icons are at different places depending if I’m looking at an overview or a single run. The calendar behaves differently depending on the view as well. But don’t get me wrong, I love Smashrun. 🙂


Yep, it’s km/min calculation bug. Should be fixed soon. Also will be adding a few more new stats this week to this section. It’s quite freeing to be able to calculate the stats, and keep them here while we try and figure out a more permanent home for them on the interface.

Al DiMicco

Don’t seem to seeing the weather update for any runs. Do I need to update something or is it just my bad luck. Anyway, thanks for a great site.


I clicked around and did see a few runs with limited weather data (just temperature) and even fewer that included weather condition (e.g. cloudy, clear, etc.) – I checked OpenWeatherMap, which appears to default to Birmingham weather when searching for some of your run locations. Although, we’re grabbing the weather based on lat/long so that could be the culprit. We’ll dig in and see what might be happening and email you directly!


Nice update, guys, I love the additional data for the Pro Run! The % uphill, downhill and flat is just pure awesome!

One small problem, the Average Grade is always 0.


Average grade is currently the average for the entire run so, if your run was 10% uphill and 10% downhill, it’ll equal zero% average grade. Most out and back runs that have equal uphill and downhill will return zero, but the more interesting metric is the %grade uphill since it’s the average grade excluding the downhill and flat!

If you email us a link to one or two runs with the average grade of zero, we can double check them for you!


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