Laps and Improved Segment Selection


We’ve made a couple of recent changes to Smashrun’s Pro Map!

  • You can now view laps within the Pro Map if you upload a run from a TCX file*
  • Switching between map filters no longer resets pace buckets/ HR zones etc
  • Mouse over filter will only show the overlay for the selected segment
  • Selecting segments, splits, or laps can be reset
*This is really the first step towards broader support for lap data. Two things to note: (1) laps will not be retroactively added to previous runs imported as a TCX file and (2) if you’ve got more than 28 laps, it’ll overflow from the container so… we’ll fix that.

Retain selection between filters

Reset splits, laps, and segments

We also included a small section at the bottom of the settings > sync page where you can tweet at some of your favorite apps/devices to help us convince them to integrate with Smashrun!

  1. Brian

    Nice update!

    But the Splits section in the ProMap only have Pace splits on the map filters, where they use to change between the HR and Cadence data…

    It would be nice to see the Lap data from my Garmin device that auto imports… just a thought.

    • Jacklyn

      The splits being fixed to pace was not intentional. Glad you spotted it! We’ll sort that out. Still working on a way to automatically import laps from Garmin devices…

  2. Gary Ewan Park


    Quick question, you call out that this will happen only if you upload a TCX file, does this happen automaigcally if I import my runs directly from Garmin, or is this a process that I would have to go through in order to take advantage of this feature?



    • Jacklyn

      It will only happen if you upload a TCX file. It will not happen for any runs imported via Garmin Connect. The two importers work differently, which is why it works for one but not the other. Currently, the data we get from Garmin is formatted in JSON and it’s much harder to tell apart the laps from the pauses. We’re definitely looking into it, but this was the quicker way of introducing laps without having to hold it off for everyone.

      • Gary Ewan Park

        Thanks for getting back to me…

        So, just so we are clear, does a GPX file, exported from Garmin Connect include information about Heart Rate. The link in the post above suggests that I need to include an HRM file, but I don’t see an option to export an HRM file, only TCX, GPX and Google Earth. Sorry for the noob question :-)


      • Jacklyn

        I think most GPX files can include HR data, though not always. You can check pretty easily if you open up one of your GPX exports. More details here:

        Any reason why not just export the TCX file from Garmin’s website? HRM’s usually just come up for users of Polar GPS watches.

  3. Peter Smith

    Now where is that “LIKE” button.