Polar history importer

The Polar historical data importer is up and running. If you need to import historical data directly from Polar you can do that easily by creating the connection on the Settings Sync page.

Please remember to set a minimum import date as appropriate to prevent the possibility of duplicate data.

If you’re already using the Polar (autosync) connection and you have no historical data to import then there’s no need to change anything.


Adam Styles

Thanks for this. I’m back to running with my old Polar M400 and a heart rate strap. The data is much cleaner and the experience is really good, much better than recent smartwatches I’ve used.

Vladimír Ondra

Unfortunately, this is not possible in the PolarFlow settings. The “button” to connect is missing.

Jo Bullinger

Smashrun seems to import my jogging runs only – it seems to have NOT imported all of my hikes.
I haven’t found any list of sports, which are supported or how to separate the types of sports


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