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Running a couple of races this year? Need a little help staying on top of your training plan? Check out RunPlan! It’s a user-developed web app built on top of the Smashrun API. It’s sleek, extremely functional, and easy to use. Paul designed RunPlan to make custom training plans more manageable. It’s quite common for runners to create their own training plans on spreadsheets, but manually entering each run to see it within the context of of your training plan can feel like work.

Introducing RunPlan – a web app that migrates your training plan from a CSV or excel file and into a full-screen calendar with your training schedule plotted out… and it imports your runs from Smashrun including your splits and your route map!

RunPlan Calendar

You can quickly see when or if you miss any runs, how each week compares to one another, visualize how much or how little you’ve run according to your training plan, and even see if you exceed your planned distance during your training cycle.

RunPlan Progress

You can also share your custom training plans with others. So, if you feel like sharing a plan that worked for you in the past, I’m sure someone else will make good use of it as well.

RunPlan Share Plans

To get started, you’ll first need to create an account on RunPlan. Then, to create a custom training plan in the right format, you can download this example plan, modify it to your training schedule, and upload it here ( when you’re ready.

RunPlan Sync Setup

Afterwards, you just need to link to your Smashrun account within the Settings > Sync Setup and you’re good to go! Just remember to click sync within RunPlan to import your runs.

If you’d like to share some feedback (and compliments!), feel free to reach out to


Angel Figueroa

I love this. I have already set up an account a running plan and I’m good to go.


I love the idea rather than having to manually update my spreadsheet but I’m having a few issue.

I have a race on sat in a 6 weeks time that my current plan is working towards but i had lots of issue trying to get the plan to finish on a sat rather than a sunday, seems to be ok now on my third go (the two failed versions won’t delete) but i had to not include the week we are in.

Next issue is the plan creation tool seems to work well with both metric and imperial (scum) but the calendar only works in one and then mucks up the numbers.

I will be keeping at it as it look lovely and i understand this is early days.

Keep up the good work.

Paul Schnell

Hi Steve, originally the app was geared for full weeks always ending on a Sunday (just the way I did things) but I’ve tweaked it and it should now handle starting or ending on any day/date.

I’ve also tweaked the calendar view to better handle dates and unit preferences.

Thanks for the comments – feedback is much appreciated!

Paul (runplan founder)

Paul Schnell

Hi Bernhard, metric units should be working as expected now.

Feel free to contact me direct if you have any issues – email is in the (?) / about section.

Thanks for the feedback!



Great addition to Smash run. Plans are easy to make.

Only issue I had was rescheduling a missed training. I see no option to match a run with a planned training on the previous or next day.

Paul Schnell

Hi Ivo,

great to hear you’re up-and-running (so to speak)!

It is possible to ‘bump’ any day forward by 1 day using the small double chevron link ‘>>’ on the right of the day target. This will swap the 2 days in question around. However, this is only possible if the next day has not already been synced with smashrun. The Smashrun sync ‘locks’ the date in the schedule.

The plan for a synced day is still editable by clicking the date e.g. ’21st Feb’ but I give synced data priority over the plan in terms of actual distance for the day.

Hope that helps but please feel free to get in touch directly if I’ve misunderstood the issue and can possibly tweak the behaviour to accommodate this (my email is in the post).



It looks really interesting, but I found setting up (and then editing) a plan confusing. Also have the issue with metric/imperial

Paul Schnell

Hi Peter, sorry it was not a smooth start for you.

I did release an upgrade yesterday (Sun 26th Feb) which should address a number of issues.

My goal with units is that you can set/change this preference in Settings > Profile and this should adjust all of your views accordingly. So, even if you import a plan built in miles, if your preference is km, you will view and log in km and it will ‘just work’. Even if you edit a plan, the units will adjust to your settings preference.

If you are able to give me any specifics it would be a great help – you could email me direct.

Thanks for giving runplan a go!



Hi, this looks awesome, however, my plans are given to me weekly. Is there a way I can edit it every week? I managed to upload this week’s plan but can’t see how I could edit next week?

Paul Schnell

Hi Shelby,

Runplan is designed generally for multi-week plans however, to create a weekly plan (one week at a time) e.g. for “next week” you just need to upload a plan for that week and set the start date accordingly. Run plan functions on plan importing vs editing a calendar (though I plan to add more interactive editing features soon).

You can always export your current plan/week via the Plans > My Plans > Edit > Export plan feature. This could be the basis for weekly plans. Edit it and import for next week.

I hope that helps, please feel free to contact me direct if this is not a solution for you



Hi Paul,

Really excited to have a go at using runplan but seem to be having a few teething problems with setting up my plan. I initially tried uploading spreadsheet with an 8 week plan but wanted it to start a week ago as figured smashrun would credit me for what I had done. Had a plan saved message but nothing to see on my home page. I then have tried uploading with a start date for tomorrow having trimmed it down to 7 weeks, still a saved message but nothing to see, just prompt to add a plan or check the library. Am I being impatient or should I expect to see a change to my screen or even just be able to see my plan in the library – no joy with a search. Fairly certain this will be user error in some regard but having looked at help I was expecting to be able to see more having uploaded the plan.

Thank you in advance for your advice and for developing such a cool tool.



Just to update!

I knew it would be user error – I had not seen the email asking to confirm my account and having actioned that all my plans have magically appeared…now I just need to deactivate my overzealous adding when I thought nothing was happening.

Initial impressions – love it. Looking forward to using this and tracking my progress.

Thank you very much!


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