New notables

We added a few new notables with the release this morning. These are mostly just to support badges we have planned for the future, but are kind of interesting in and of themselves.

New notables for all users

Before sunrise – started and finish your run before the sun comes up

During sunrise – started your run before sunrise and finish after

After sunset – started your run after the sun has set.

During sunset – start your run before sunset and finish after

Full moon run – ran during or after sunset when the moon was full

Winter solstice – ran on the Winter solstice

Summer solstice – ran on the Summer solstice

New notables for Pro users only

Warmest run in [1m/3m/6m/1y/ever]

Coldest run in [1m/3m/6m/1y/ever]

Other Pro Notables: Fast Start, Fast Finish, Highest elevation, Greatest hill difficulty, Most elevation gained/lost, Highest/lowest speed variability, Best performance, Highest max cadence, Highest average cadence, Most negative splits.


Richard Eve

So many new motivators to run. Thanks a lot for what you folks do here. Very VERY cool!


On the “by run” page. The notables are just below the tag section on the right side. It shows you that’s notable about a run compared to every previous run you’ve ever run.


Notables are the little reports Smashrun gives you about each run. Middle right of the run screen.

Adam Styles

Great update – the notables really motivate me as though I can’t be at my fastest or go further on every lunchtime run, I can have my coldest run of the past six months however I’m feeling!

Since becoming a Pro user in January I’ve got my PB 1/2 marathon (1:40:33), run my first marathon (3:48:55) and upped my mileage to over 1000 miles by the end of October. I’ve increased my SPI by 1 pt/week Without the motivation from the badges and analysis I wouldn’t have got to this point. A really big thanks! I can’t wait to see how far you push me next year as the new Pro features develop!


I got to say, to think that we were even a small contributor to those kinds of improvements feels pretty awesome. Thanks Adam. We’re going to have to line up some pretty cool stuff 2015 to help you break a 1:40 half, that’s a hard time to beat.


Been a user for about a year now. Any small motivation is welcome, you guys do a great job and being able to see all my stats on the dashboard inspires me to try harder.

Any chance of seeing a New Years day notable, would really be a motivator to get out there and clear the head and kick start the new year. 🙂


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