June Patch

Last night’s patch should address all of the Nike import issues that some users have been having recently. If your initial sync doesn’t work, please try setting a new minimum import date within settings > synced devices > then sync again.

Email us at hi@smashrun.com if you are still getting an error.

Other fixes included in this patch are listed below:

  • Restored the ability to view split data for HR, cadence, & elevation in the Pro Map
  • Negative average pace due to corrupt Garmin data is fixed
  • Editing a run should no longer take you to a run other than the one you just edited
  • Improved tracking for user referrals
  • Pro users can view the colorpicker photo as well (and there’s a new one!) > to view the default pro colorpicker, just exit the colorpicker photo and open it again

For iSmoothRun users: TCX exports that were not importing previously should now work. Some exports from iSmoothRun were missing GPS coordinates early in the run, which triggered an error when Smashrun tried to parse it.

If you’re using iSmoothRun and are still getting an error while trying to import a TCX file into Smashrun, you should give these troubleshooting steps a try (courtesy of iSmoothRun):

  1. Phone’s settings > General > Background refresh > ON and ON for iSmoothRun
  2. Phone’s settings > Privacy > Location services > iSmoothRun > ON
  3. iSmoothRun Settings > Advanced settings > GPS threshold should be 120-150 meters



Thanks for restoring the split’s data in the ProMap!!

Something for the bucket list… a weekly view… we have year, month and day, for some reason there is no weekly view, just an email with the week in review. Would be nice to have a weekly goal as well as a monthly goal too.



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