Nike import error

The latest changes on Nike’s site have recently affected certain user accounts, which is causing Nike imports to fail on Smashrun. For those who are affected, we have been informed that Nike Support is currently doing manual fixes on an account-by-account basis.

From what we can tell, the cause appears to be one of three things: (1) the user is unable to log in to Nike’s website with correct credentials, (2) the user gets an error page when trying to view run activities or upon logging in, or (3) the user is unable to load their All Time activity view of their runs on Nike.

If you’re unable to view your stats on Nike’s site because your profile is broken or your activities are not loading, neither can we.

Here’s how to check if your import error is related: log in to Nike’s site > click on Activity > click ALL.

2014-06-11_1844 2014-06-11_1845

If it loads the map with all your runs, send us an email – we’ll need to investigate further.

If the loading screen just keeps trying to load, then it’s probably failing.

  • Tweet @NikeSupport and, apparently, they can fix it within the hour
    (thanks, Cecilia!)
  • Or call Nike Support at 800-379-6453 and they can fix it as well
    (thanks, Jonathan!)

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