New features and lots of fixes for April

Last night we released some new features and a patch that addresses several issues concerning the Garmin importer, delayed ranks, and import notifications, among others.

Below is the detailed list of all the feature additions and fixes for this release!

Elevation graph for Smashrun Pro users

Upon request from one of our Pro users (thanks, Adam S.!), we decided to include the elevation profile within the Pro Map. Now, when you click on the hill grade filter, the graph will show the actual shape of the elevation gain/loss. Mousing over it will show the percentage grade while the actual elevation at each point is reflected on the map.

Smashrun Pro Elevation Graph

Unlockable background images

To give users slightly more control over the look and feel of their profile, we’re introducing unlockable background images based on the number of badges you’ve earned on Smashrun! Smashrun Pro users and Founding Members will have exclusive access to certain backgrounds. To check out which background images you’ve unlocked, just go to your settings profile page.

Background image setting location

To change your background image, just select one that you’ve already unlocked, click OK, and you’re good to go.

Background image options

Run facts after importing new runs

Similar to Smashrun’s “notables”, we recently added Run Facts which appear after you import a new run. We calculate them based on identified patterns after comparing your new run(s) against your historical data, so you’ll know when you log a run that’s faster, slower, shorter, or longer than your usual runs.

Run fact

If you’re a Pro user, we’ll also let you know about patterns involving your best performing runs based on SPI, HR, and pace variability.

Import zip files

Previously, bulk imports could only be done by combining several runs within a single TCX file. Now you can import a zipped file that includes several GPX/TCX files! The process for uploading the file is the same as a standard GPX/TCX upload: mouse over the gear icon on Overview and select “Import file”.

Note: If you’re uploading treadmill runs, before you zip the files – make sure that they’re in TCX format, because GPX only includes latitude and longitude points. Treadmill runs would essentially produce “blank” GPX files. They won’t have any of your run data.

Import file

Share Smashrun Pro Maps
Adding #map at the end of a unique run’s URL will allow you to share that run’s map. This makes it easier for visitors to go straight to the Pro Map features. Check out one of my recent runs: Of course, the URL wouldn’t work if your privacy setting is set to hide your run map details.

Facebook posts use Open Graph API

Smashrun has just integrated the latest version of Facebook’s Open Graph API so you can now share a map of your run and view your monthly totals on Facebook. However, there are a few caveats: Facebook needs to approve us to pass your custom comments (part of the Facebook auto-poster) and they also need to approve us for “explicit sharing”. Otherwise, your posts will not always show up on your news feed.

It doesn’t mean that it didn’t post, Facebook’s API is just making a decision on whether or not to display it… when it feels like it.

First, you’ll need to re-authorize Smashrun to post your runs from your Facebook settings page. The next time you post a run, it will look a bit different. You can choose to hide your map and/or your pace. There might be a short lag after you click “Publish” (we’ll add a spinner in our next release) – you’ll get a notification that it was successfully published to Facebook.


By default, it will display your map, distance, speed, pace, and duration.

Facebook post

Also, this is only a theory but, if you like your own Facebook post, it’s more likely to show up in your friends’ news feed as well. A little trickery for Facebook’s API! We’ll update everyone as soon as the auto-poster content is back in business.

New colorpicker

Smashrun users will have access to a new colorpicker this month (thanks, Frank C.!). If you have your own colorful running-related photo that you’d like us to consider, send us an email at You could earn the colorpicker badge.

Beta support for Magellan Active sync

If you’re running with a Magellan Echo, Magellan Switch or Magellan Switch Up, you can now sync your data to Smashrun.

Magellan Sync

Currently, we’re still in the early stages of Magellan’s integration, but it should be stable enough to import your runs without any trouble. Please let us know if you find otherwise. The setup process can be done from the bottom of the settings synced devices page.

Additionally, if you have a bunch of FIT files that you would like to import into Smashrun, you can also upload those files into Magellan Active and then sync them with your Smashrun account.

As mentioned, there were also a lot of fixes that went out into this release. For those interested, here’s the quick rundown:

* Fixed the delay in ranks

* New Zealand Time Zone issue is fixed (thanks, Peter S.!)

* Optimizations to the Garmin importer for treadmill runs and re-importing old runs

* Custom fix to Garmin’s reversed SumDistance errors

* Facebook auto-post will now post runs imported via email

* Goal setting deadline is now set to midnight for the 1st day of the subsequent month

* Removed auto-fill for goals

* If you lose HR data during your run, it will no longer zero out on Smashrun

* SPI for deleted runs no longer show up in Pace Trends (or on the Trailing 90-day SPI)

* Hidden data will no longer show up for fastest runs of a similar distance

* Badge and import notifications should no longer overlap

* Blog post notifications are dismissed once clicked

* Email imports won’t send email message if at least one importable file is attached (thanks, Terry G.!)

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs. Your feedback helps us keep Smashrun in good shape. If we missed anything, please send us an email and we’ll try and include it in our patch.


Adam Styles

Wow, great changes. The backgrounds are pretty too!

A couple of minor niggles:-

The blog link from the top bar of smashrun doesn’t seem to work. The one at the bottom of the page works though. Perhaps its just me.

The founding member background seems to be unavailable despite me being a founding member.

Other than that, bravo! Love it!



Try holding down the shift key and clicking the refresh button on your browser, and see if that sorts out the blog link. (We’ve added some JavaScript to ensure that the notification is always removed correctly before taking you to the blog).

Adam Styles

Thanks Chris, that worked. I would have tried earlier but was on my tablet, hence no shift key.

David Hutcheson

I love the run facts! Is there anyway to see them for a run after you dismiss the notification?


Not yet, but we just had another user request that as soon as the emails went out, so we’ll include something like it for the next set of Headliner Features. I’m hoping I’ll have it up for voting by Tuesday next week.


Nice job guys! The elevation map and FB update both rock! 😉

Same as Adam, I’m unable to access the Founding Member background, though I’m one of them too, but it’s a minor bug compared to the other great enhancements. Thanks!


Thanks Greg! Can you also try holding down the shift key and refresh the page before trying to switch to the Founding Member background? Let us know if it still doesn’t work.

Adam Styles

Until today I had no idea that my Friday runs are undefined% slower than other days. I did not know that!


That’s exactly the kind of insight that we provide at Smashrun.

It’s undefinable!

(fixing that after the weekend)


I really love Smashrun Pro, it is extremely useful to monitor my progress.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to establish the link with Facebook, as the link “connect with Facebook” in settings, doesn’t work at all. Clicking on the link, no action is performed.

This happens with any of my browsers (Firefox 28.0 and Chrome 34.0.1847.116 m).

This is strange because in the past I was able to link FB.

Any idea about the cause of the problem?



Hi Vittorio – I’m so sorry for the late reply. We just didn’t see this comment until now! Can you send me an email at if this is still happening for you? We’re releasing a fix this weekend that should, hopefully, sort out all of the Facebook issues.


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