Nike patched and currency update

It’s 2am here at SmashrunHQ, and I’m thinking tomorrow morning’s run might have to become tomorrow afternoon’s run…

On the upside, the Nike import should be up and running again. If you continue to have any trouble at all please let us know and we’ll sort it out.

We’ve also added local currency pricing for Pro in EUR/GBP/AUD/CAD. So, if your bank’s international currency fees were causing you to hold off on the Smashrun Pro membership, then now’s the time. 😉



I synced my runs but there are a few that don’t match what Nike+ is showing. Their site shows I’ve run 196.87 miles in February ( SmashRun has me at 189. The difference in the totals comes from runs on 2/28, 2/24, 2/20, 2/18, 2/14, 2/7, and 2/6. SmashRun has them anywhere from half a mile to over a mile short. I deleted the runs then synced all runs after 2/1/2014. The same results came back.

Is there so wrong with my Nike+ run data on those days that is causing the distance shortage?


Chances are pretty good that Nike’s returning something that looks like pause data. Some of the runs you mentioned are returning upwards of 64 pauses for a 6 mile run and Nike is notorious for dropping trackpoints when they pass pause data. Each trackpoint they drop means you lose some distance. There’s usually not much we can do about it but we’ll dig in when we get a chance to see if there’s anything we can do to clean up their data.

Adam Styles

If you used ‘quickstart’ when you ran then GPS will only start once the signal is established. Smashrun does not include the section where you ran with only the sensor. In my experience typically means you lose a several hundred metres from the start of the run. Perhaps this is the reason?


Nike import works now, thanks guys!

Btw, is there a url where i can get a preview of pro features? Cheers


We don’t have demo account that you can play with? But you can see the map and by run page features on my account by clicking the map. The analyze features aren’t publicly shared, but the Pro FAQ should be pretty helpful explaining them.


Hi guys, any chance you get Polar Personal Trainer import feature? Polar site s*cks and would love to get my RC3 GPS data transferred automatically to Smashrun



We’ll be investigating new imports in the coming months. Polar’s site is on the list, not sure how hard it will be yet though…


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