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There’s always been this gap. A gap between the experience of your run and the way you see your run through your data. You had the run of your life, but it was your first run through hills, so your pace was slower. You sprinted faster than you’ve ever sprinted at the end of that last race, but somehow the graph doesn’t really capture it. You know you’re getting in better shape, but you’re also running longer runs than you did before, so your average pace is getting slower.

These are all our problems. Smashrun and sites similar to ours have the very important job of remembering your runs, preserving your accomplishments, and giving you the insights you need to grow and improve. If that’s not happening, that’s our fault. That gap between the reality of all of those hard-earned miles and what gets recorded is our responsibility.

Smashrun PRO is designed to narrow that gap. You should feel great about your running. The truth is simple. With each and every run, you get better. You get leaner. You get stronger. You go farther with less effort. You learn and get smarter. Sometimes, it’s really hard to say how that last run mattered. What would have been the difference if you just stayed home? We built Smashrun PRO to show you that difference.

Of course, it’s just a start. We want to keep improving Smashrun and Smashrun PRO, but we don’t have big VC’s backing us (or even little VC’s for the matter). We’ve got you.

So, if you know someone who needs a last minute gift, maybe a founding membership to Smashrun might be pretty cool? They won’t need a subscription or a credit card, and we’ll be happy to personally sort out any problems they might have getting started.

In fact, it’s worth noting that none of the founding memberships auto-renew. We won’t ding you unless you ask to be dinged. We also know that times are tight, especially this time of year. If you can’t do Smashrun PRO right now, maybe you could suggest us to one of your friends, or post us on Facebook or Twitter or a forum, or anything. We’re crazy busy building more cool stuff and we need your help getting the word out.

For a list of the pro features, go here.

To vote on new pro features, check out Headliner Features.

Happy Holidays!

Chris, Jacklyn, and Steve



really great layout and the cool stuff about your team is its awesome responsiveness.

We can also feel your willing to developp new features (pimp my heart rate zone ! 🙂 )


Trond Wuellner

Nice additions to the site. Is there a place where you keep a public list of requested visualizations to be added? It may also be interesting to create an API or a repo on github that would allow members to contribute other visualizations of the underlying data back to the site. I’d bet there are a lot of people who use Smashrun who are pretty willing to directly contribute either with ideas or code or graphic design…

For suggestions, may I suggest Google Feedback? I’m not exactly unbiased in that recommendation, but I use it regularly and find it to be a helpful way to get a ranked list of ideas from a community of users.

Mike Stemle, Jr.

This is great! I’m digging the service, and to be honest, I got the lifetime membership just to disincentivize you from stopping. I completely rely on your stuff, and you guys haven’t let me down yet. Garmin support has been great, too.


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