Smashrun update

We released a quick update this evening with a few changes.

Added a Half Marathon distance to the speed ranks

This has been a really popular request, since well, I don’t know, the day we launched the ranks. Well it’s finally done, a half marathon is now a ranked distance. The history graph for the new data point will be blank to start off with but they’ll slowly fill in starting today. So if you’ve ran a half marathon in the last 90 days it’ll now help you toward earning a speed medal.

Streamlined the header design

Nothing drastic here, but we dropped some of the clunkier styles, and made things fit a little tighter, so it should be a little nicer on the eye.

Tweaked the pause detection algorithm

We were sometimes picking up pauses where there were none in the Garmin import of some watches. This should hopefully be resolved now. Pauses are just really hard to detect in general, because they’re frequently not explicitly defined, so you have to make educated guesses. With each release we’re improving our guessing techniques.

Upgraded site infrastructure

We do everything we can to ensure the speed and overall reliability of the site!  To this end, we upgraded the operating system of our web servers and upgraded the version of our configuration management framework as well.



Cool, new stuff to look at 8) The Header looks a lot nicer, but the half marathon is not yet completely implemented: the graph is showing but it’s not yet included in the list up top on the speed page 😉


Hi Miki! Sorry for the delay. Not sure if you noticed Bart’s comment re: the half marathon in the ranks. The graph shows up when you scroll down but, it’s not showing up on the list of times at the top of the speed page. We’re actually releasing a patch today so it should get sorted out in just a bit.


Should be fixed today. Built in a bit of a tolerance to all the distances as well, so being 1-2% short on the distance will still count.


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