Quick patch

We were down for a few minutes tonight as we pushed out a quick patch tonight to address a few minor issues.

Here’s the rundown for those that are interested:

  • New comment font on the “by run” page that’s easier to read and supports most European languages, and falls back to native fonts for CJKV character sets.

  • Fixed login issue with IE10. If you’re still having any problems with this browser let us know, so we can get to the bottom of it

  • Fixed charts in IO7 (unfortunately there’s still a bunch of issue we have no way of fixing). Maybe (hopefully) a patch from Apple will resolve these soon.

  • Some users may have gotten robbed of their Corleone badge in some circumstances. There’s a fix here to address the issue going forward, but unfortunately there’s not enough data to fix it retroactively. Sorry about that all.

  • Their was an issue with timestamps being off for some Garmin imports, especially treadmill runs. This should now be fixed.

  • The 7 day trailing weekly mileage chart was actually an 8 day average (we were counting today and 7 days prior). This should be resolved.

  • Under some circumstances manually editing your run could reset your METs in your heart healthy report to 0. That’s fixed, and you should now always get all the METs your earned.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs. Your feedback is invaluable, so keep those reports coming, and we’ll try to resolve them as quick as we can.



Hey, I love the site and use it daily but I’m still having some bugs after the patch. I still cant edit runs and my friends don’t show up in the drop down menu.


Everything works fine when I log in with Google Chrome. Just when I login with IE10 do I have the problems with editing the runs or seeing my friends in the drop down menu.


hey guys, can no longer import runs from Garmin. It’s all linked ok, and it worked yesterday, but post patch it’s not so good. If I had to guess I’d say its something to do with time zones, as it’s telling me my last garmin run was “yesterday” when in fact it was the day before yesterday. (Unless you’re in the US when it would still be correct in saying Yesterday).


Sorry, ignore the last one it seems that logging in and out a few times sorted it out.



Just want to congratulate the authors of this application, from Spain. Thank you very much


Simplemente quiero felicitar a los autores de esta aplicación desde España. Muchas gracias, seguid así


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