Embed a running chart in your blog

There’s quite a few patches, and changes in this latest release. Here’s the rundown:

Embed your running data charts. We made a quick and easy interface for adjusting and embedding any of the charts on your dashboard onto your own blog.

A new import via email address. We’ve added a new email server to handle the runs you import through email. We’ve got a new address to go with it @smashrunimport.com In the future, any runs you want to import from email will need to go to this new address.

GPX/TCX import fixes. We’re constantly monitoring the files that try to get imported into Smashrun, and everytime one fails to import, we attempt to diagnose the issue. The problem is that a lot of the times, the files are just impossible to import because they’re missing some critical information.

We’ve added a lot of new errors that, hopefully, will explain exactly why your files aren’t importing as opposed to just failing blindly. We’ve also tried to patch around the bugs in the apps where ever we could. That means, for example, that Runkeeper export files should now import with the correct time stamp (despite the fact that it’s formatted incorrectly in the file).

New login pages. We’ve updated our login pages, lightening the colors and shrinking the font.

Closeness to getting badges. We’ve improved the algorithm for calculating the badges you’re closest to getting, and fixed some bugs with the distance to go in the staircase badges.

Weighted average pace. The average pace shown on the the overview pages is now weighted by the distance of the run. Can’t believe it took us this long to get around to this one. Sadly, if you’ve been running short fast runs, and long slow ones (like most people do) this change will slow down your average pace. But, hopefully, it will make the trends you do spot over time more meaningful.



Hey, just to let you know, after the latest update, the date-time of my runs imported from Runkeeper gpx files are now finally correct! Thanks!


Good to hear. The timestamp in the file is supposed to be provided in GMT time, but instead it’s provided in local time. So we added some code that says if Runkeeper then assume it’s the wrong format. Someday I’m sure they’ll fix it on their end, and it’ll be wrong on ours again, but for now…



need mass import (100 more GPX) exported from endomondo and runtastic.

There is any possibility?

It seemes to work only 1 gpx at time….


I’ve just joined and am importing from Garmin. This run and prior are logging in as higher mileage than actual. I’ve tried to edit but can’t figure out how. This one logged as 21.9m and it was actually 13.6M..suggests please.. thx.


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