Build Better Training Habits

With Smashrun, our goal has always been to help people become better runners, but “better” is different for everyone.¬†Sometimes, it’s as straightforward as adding a recovery day or balancing hard runs with easy ones. Other times, it’s not so obvious, like getting enough sleep or keeping track of what you eat.

Recently I’ve started using an app called Lift to help me to “pay attention” to some of the habits that might help me improve my running beyond just logging the miles. ¬†It’s pretty basic. You check a box when you keep a habit. I thought maybe some of you might find it helpful, so I set up a Smashrun group there if anyone wants to join me.

We’re starting off July with three fairly simple habits, in addition, to running: exercise, eat a balanced diet, and sleep before midnight. Every month, I thought we could focus on something new like proprioceptive cues, running drills or plyometrics (oh my!).

Maybe I’ll see you there!

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