Garmin integration and GPX, TCX, HRM support

After nearly 1,000 hours of coding, testing, retesting and a lot of feedback from our Garmin beta testers, Smashrun has finally released Garmin integration with added support for GPX, TCX, and HRM files!

Garmin users can import their runs by linking their Smashrun account to Garmin Connect under settings > Synced Devices. Just remember to set a minimum import date before you click sync to prevent duplicate runs from being imported (in case you’ve been using the TCX2Nike+ importer).

Runs can also be imported individually or in bulk by uploading a GPX/TCX file, which is accessible by mousing over the gear icon on Overview > click ‘Import file’.

For information on how Smashrun processes GPS data, there is a separate FAQ section that addresses questions regarding pause calculations and distance discrepancies.

If you don’t currently run with Garmin, but do run with mobile apps, we can import app data as long as they provide GPX or TCX exports. You can find a Smashrun-friendly app in the App Finder, or if you’ve been thinking about switching to a device but need to weigh the pro’s and con’s, check out the apps vs. devices section on Run Tracking 101.

Again, thanks to all of our beta testers for helping us fine tune Garmin integration! And thanks to everyone as well who take the time to give us a heads up when things don’t quite work as they should! Our user emails keep us on our toes and we’re always on the lookout for ways to make Smashrun a better place for runners.


Mike Stemle

This is all awesome, I’ve been using this functionality and I find it very nice. I love how I can still sync my runs to Nike+ using other apps, and SmashRun doesn’t get confused. This is super-sweet.


Thanks! We made some pretty huge changes to our backend, not just to enable Garmin sync, but to lay the groundwork for making smashrun a powerful analysis platform. Lots of exciting things planned in the coming months now that this hurdle is passed.


Yaaaay!! Love it!!! Finally, grew so tired of nike website that stopped using smashrun… I finally got back and got monster500, half marathon and some other badges.

A huge “thanks” from Barcelona.

Keep up the good job.


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