Site Maintenance Sun March 4 11PM – Midnight EST

Please be aware: Smashrun will be undergoing standard scheduled maintenance to patch the underlying infrastructure on Sunday night March 4th from 11PM – Midnight EST.  The website will be slightly slower than normal during the majority of this window, and will be completely unavailable for a short time at the end while our equipment reboots. We regret any inconvenience caused; however, the security of your data and overall site reliability are of paramount concern to us.



As a system admin I’m always curious on what the layout of sites like this are in terms of system design and overall arch size? Any chance you’d be willing to do a write up for the geeky ones here?


Hi Kevin! Thanks for asking. I’ll try to do a little write up in the future with some additional information; however, here are the basics. Since we are such a small shop (people-wise), we try to stay up to date with our infrastructure. All our servers are virtualized, and run on either a private vmware esxi grid or Amazon AWS. The primary web application platform is Windows (IIS and SQL), but the variety of our internal tools run on Fedora Linux with LAMP. We use Chef for configuration management, nagios for monitoring and trac for tickets and wiki… For now, the number of users on the smashrun site currently enables us to keep server resources minimal, which is a good thing, because we foot all the bills out of pocket!


Hi guys!

Love smashrun, but hate inputting my data manually. Are you getting any closer to having an option where we can either sync with our garmin watches or import gpx files?




They’re already working on it.

Garmin user here loving to leave “Nike GPX Syncs of Hell” once and for all; only doing it for Smashrun, btw.


Hola los chilenos !

What’s new with Smashrun ? No news since 1 month… 🙁

Are you working or are you running on Torres del Paine trails and Atacama sand tracks?? 🙂 Well, that’s what I would love to do if I were still living in Chile…

Just wanted to have news, let us know what is going to happen with your next Smashrun releases.


The good/bad news is we’re working like maniacs. At this point the only time I get out is my daily run. You’re right. We’ve been too out of touch. I’ll post an update.


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