New features and fixes

Everyone’s running is different, so each persons running stats can expose unique problems. Over the past couple months we’ve had dozens of bug reports from our users. In this latest release we’ve hopefully fixed most of the major ones. We’ve also added a few nice features and tweaks, they’re small things, but they’re things that we think you’ll like.

  • An enhanced battery meter for Nike+ users .Just click on the battery icon in the header to see a report of all the Nike sensors you’ve used in the past.

  • An enhanced PR section that includes a separate “official” flag for runs that you’ve tagged with “Race”. You’ll probably want to edit in your official time for the race as well. (Although this does lead to questions of distance ran vs. official distance for when your stuck in a big pack taking wide turns).

  • The morning/afternoon run pie chart now breaks out days in which you ran both.

  • On some badges where it makes sense, you can click on the badge to see how close you’ve come to getting the bade. The running streak, days logged in a row, and miles run in a week/month badges now show your records and when those records occurred.

  • We’ve also taken some steps to improve the internationalization of the site. Date formats, time formats, and kilometer/mile support should be working correctly throughout the site.

Happy Running,



Special thanks to Peter F, and the dozens of other users whose screenshots and detailed reports made our work a thousand times easier.



Kinda useless without Garmin or other kinds of uploads. Nike+ is not used by anyone serious about running that I know of.


We’re working on it. Nike users were the most under served, so we built that first. But expect a steady stream of new devices supported over the next couple months.


I am purchasing Fitbit Activity wireless tracker to add on to my Nike+ . Will smashrun include to have it embedded?


Not sure about Fitbit. Garmin and Polar are the next up. The problem with Fitbit is that although it’s great for tracking activity, it’s not really that accurate for tracking runs. Right now we’re 100% focused on running, so for general activity FitBit’s own site is really very good on its own.


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