Facebook patches

We’ve just put in a fix for some of the Facebook issues we’ve been having. There’s a few changes to how Facebook works now that you’ll want to note.

  • Relink your Facebook account. If you log in with Facebook this will be done automatically, but if not you’ll want to go to Settings -> Facebook -> Connect to Facebook. You’ll need to do this to see publish your runs, or see your Facebook friends on Smashrun
  • Follow your Facebook friends On the Facebook settings page you’ll see your Facebook friends who are on Smashrun. Just click their photos and their stats will appear in your friend list. Follow relationships are one way like they are in Twitter.

Hopefully this will fix the problems we’ve been having as Facebook makes changes to their API, but if you notice any strange behavior, please shoot us an email at hi@smashrun.com and we’ll start fixing it right away.

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