New badges in the making…

After reading 87 beta surveys, 24 emails, and too many tweets to count in the past 72 hours…it’s pretty unanimous: the badges are cool and Smashrun needs more of them!

Luckily, we’ve been working with an awesome designer/ illustrator who’s been knocking out some newly minted badges. We’re not yet sure about the release date, but the next set will focus on cumulative times, cumulative distances, variations in pacing, and periodization. Here are just a few examples of what we’re currently working on…

As always, feel free to comment and let us know if you’ve got some milestone ideas and we’ll jot them down as we create more!



Badges are a great idea, similar to the Nike+ trophies and challenges, but much more beneficial to us runners. There is one thing that would be even better… Building our own badges. For example, I could “direct” a virtual race with badge awards unique to the event, or invite friends from all over to participate in a special run, earning them a custom badge. It’s probably not too easy to code, but would be a real fun way to goad friends in to running more.

Holly K

I plan on running on my birthday but to get the badge it says I have to set my birthday. Where do I do that?


At the moment we can only get it if your account is linked to Facebook. I’ll be fixing that in the next release though. In the meantime if you email with your birthday I’ll add it in by hand.


I have an idea for 4 new badges that can be added in the free section, one for each of the seasons. One for spring, summer, winter and fall.


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