We just did a release tonight with a couple dozen bug fixes and a few UI improvements.

For example, you can now navigate back and forth between the Run Overview and By Run page by using the calendar. When you click a month or a year from the By Run page, it’ll take you back to the Overview for that month or year. There’s also about a dozen improvements to the run import routines, and some minor UI improvements like being able to close dialogs by pressing the escape key.

Meanwhile there’s 2 big projects underway at Smashrun HQ.

The first and foremost is the Smashrun API. This has been a huge development effort, but is finally nearing completion (likely in the next few weeks). In the long run, this is going to make it easier for you to get your data in and out of Smashrun. And, eventually, it’s going make it easier to embed, share, and make use of your running data wherever and however you want.

The second project is the translations of the site into any language that we can find people willing to help us translate. This has been a massive job but, thanks to the generous efforts of some multi-lingual runners, Smashrun is starting to look pretty international. With tonight’s release, we just pushed all of the latest translated copy, so please let us know if you notice any problems and we’ll make sure they get sorted out.

Once the decks clear, there’s so much cool stuff in the works. Shoe tracker (finally), progress towards goal, dynamic run list, and of course more badges!

  1. Ben Tuff

    Awesome! I was going to ask about a shoe tracker…looking forward to that one!

    (NB – I seem to get logged out when I come to the Blog page)

    • Jacklyn

      It looks like the login button is showing up even though you’re still logged in (I’ll fix that) > let me know via email if clicking on the logo doesn’t take you back to your profile.

  2. Peter Smith

    More goodness. I wonder/hope if the folk at Runmeter are doing working on using the API to get their data into Smashrun. The combination of SmashRun and Runmeter is so incredibly good.

    • Jacklyn

      Haven’t heard anything from Runmeter lately. Tried to tweet at them about two weeks ago, but we’ve got their developers’ contact details so we’ll reach out when the API is ready. I think syncing to other apps is a part of their “elite” version, though. We’d really rather not have our users pay to be able to auto-sync to Smashrun but we’ll see.

  3. Mike

    Okay, if you add shoe tracking, I may have to stop dual logging on Nike+. I still need to get my running friends to move over here as well, but I like the changes!

  4. Ertay

    Great work guys. Looking forward to see what I can do with the API!

  5. Brent

    Thanks for the navigational improvements- this is great news!

  6. elliot

    What’s the plan to start adding some real new functionality on the front end? For example, it’s nice to be able to tag runs, but tags are completely useless for anything except looking at within the run record itself. I want to be able to search for tags, to use tags to compare runs of a specific route or type, to track shoes, etc. The performance analysis / SPI chart is interesting, but it doesn’t help at all with actual performance analysis from one run to the next, to the one next month or the one last year.

    The other major thing Smashrun is missing is the ability to actually *do* anything with your “friends”. Sure, I can click and drill into their run records, but there’s no social aspect to this at all. I don’t like Strava for analysis but it has really nailed the social running/cycling market.

    Thanks for the continued improvements, and good luck wrapping up the new API!

    • Jacklyn

      The tags will follow the Dynamic Run Report. Both headliners are in development, along with the shoe tracker, badges, and a few small social features. November and December will be a good month for surprises, and probably a very anti-social month for Chris and I. Developing the social features will be kept relatively low key since we have a large user base on both camps: some who really want it and some who don’t. At the very least, we’ll add the ability to comment on runs and receive notifications when someone likes/comments on your run.

  7. Gary

    What will we be able to do with the API? Will I be able to sync Smashrun with Jawbone UP?

    • Jacklyn

      We’re gonna keep it simple and work with developers who’d like to GET/ POST runs, training history, and query badges. More details will go up when it’s ready for public use. Jawbone has its own API that can enable us to retrieve your stats from their site, but Smashrun isn’t really built to support many of the biometric data they collect and since Jawbone isn’t GPS enabled, the running-related stats will show up like manual runs on Smashrun. We’ll take a look at it when we’ve got bandwidth, but I’ve made sure that it’s on our list of things to review.

  8. François Pradel

    Great news!

    Do you have an ETA on the integration with tapiriik?

    Keep up the good work!

    • Jacklyn

      No hard ETA for Tapiriik yet. His process for syncing runs across different platforms is a bit different and slightly harder to implement than the standard get/post runs. Although, we are in touch with him and have been updating him on our progress!

  9. metociange

    I’d like to help you to translate this wonderful thing to italian. Grazie ragazzi per aver creato Smashrun! (thx guys)

      • Chris

        Not too late at all!
        Lots still that needs translated, and any help would be much appreciated. I’ve sent the details to the email address you registered with. Cheers!

  10. LeAnn

    I think I found a bug. I unfortunately had to take some time off due to a stress fracture – went more than 30 days without a run, logged 2 runs (and then told to take another 4-6 weeks off…sad). Anyway, it didn’t register the Corleone badge.

    Thanks for all the great work, I love all the new stuff!

    • Jacklyn

      Hi LeAnn! Sorry it took me a while to see this. I’d like to take a look at the Corleone badge issue you found. Can you email me at to let me know if it’s still a problem? :)

  11. Nadine

    Thanks for French translation. If any help is needed, feel free to contact me!

    • Jacklyn

      Hi Nadine – if you send me a quick email, I can have you set up to translate in no time!

  12. Dave G.

    Can’t wait for the new stuff to come, keep up the great work guys (and Jacky ;-))!